CyberLandr Provides Glimpse of Latest Prototype

The latest update from the RV/camper for Tesla's Cybertruck gives insight into the interior features, including the "impossible" invisible induction cooktop.

CyberLandr Kitchen

Stream It, Inc., the creator of CyberLandr™ — which transforms Tesla's Cybertruck into the ultimate adventure vehicle and mobile tiny home - released a glimpse of its interior and kitchen features. 

The kitchen includes a sink that doubles as a workstation with a tri-level design that incorporates a wash bin, colander, drying rack, and cutting board. The faucet can be controlled by touch, touchless via sensor, or voice.

One of the most anticipated features is what some people have called the "impossible" invisible induction cooktop that allows you to cook through the countertop while keeping the countertop cool enough to touch. The touch-sensitive cooktop controls are integrated into the countertop.

This provides more unobstructed countertop space than is found in many larger trailers and motorhomes. It additionally provides the beauty of marble with the easy cleaning and maintenance of porcelain.

Continuing with the use of premium materials, the cabinet is made of the same HDPE as expensive outdoor kitchen cabinets, which can endure many years exposed to the elements without fading, peeling, cracking, delaminating, or requiring refinishing. A compressor fridge ensures food and beverages stay cold, even on hot days.

The CyberLandr crowdfunding campaign is available only until April 29, 2022. Act fast if you would like to invest in the transition to sustainable transportation and the growth of the RV industry by clicking here. This will be the last opportunity for retail investors to invest early.

CyberLandr enhances each user's lifestyle by transforming Tesla's Cybertruck into a mobile tiny home, equipped with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and office when deployed, while disappearing completely within the bed (or "vault") of the Cybertruck when stowed.

This functionality results in zero additional aerodynamic drag, minimizing its effect on range. This also means that, unlike other RVs, Cybertruck with CyberLandr can access more places on and off-road — including allowing it to fit in normal parking spaces, traverse drive-thrus, and fit in parking/home garages as well as more rugged terrain.

View the interior and kitchen features at the following link:

About CyberLandr

CyberLandr™ is a product of Stream It®, the developer of a mobile-capable, real-time analytics platform that uses AI to transform video and sensor data into business intelligence. To learn more or reserve your own CyberLandr, visit

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