Crystal Shaw's new book, 'OMG, I Failed the NCLEX Again! WTH!' is a helpful guidebook meant to aid every hard-working nurse in passing their licensure exam

Recent release "OMG, I Failed the NCLEX Again! WTH!" from Covenant Books author Crystal Shaw is a cohesive handbook that provides effective tips and strategies for those who want to pass or struggle to pass their NCLEX examination.

Crystal Shaw, RN-LPN-MA, an experienced professional in the healthcare field, an ASN in Liberal Arts graduate, a current MDS consultant in LTC, a part-time in med surgery/pediatrics, and an adventurer, has completed her new book, "OMG, I Failed the NCLEX Again! WTH!": a highly motivating reference book that validates the struggles and hard work of the nurses and nursing students. On the other hand, this meaningful piece also offers essential strategies to help the applicants in passing the most coveted licensure exam. Here, the author organized the best study materials for the applicants to know where to start, which is undeniably a good tip to keep their minds in focus.

Shaw writes, "This read is for anyone struggling to pass an exam, specifically to nursing students trying to pass NCLEX and especially those that have experience in healthcare. The NCLEX is a safety test for brand-new nurses, and this book helps you to break down the best study materials to use based on how you learn. Along with motivation and tips/strategies you can use to help you pass. If I can pass this exam, so can you!"

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Crystal Shaw's new book is a valuable work that could boost the morale of NCLEX applicants. The author did not forget to incorporate the lessons she gained throughout her testing journey, and she hopes that like her, readers will not be discouraged to try their luck again.

Crystal Shaw is a strong representation of winners who don't quit on themselves, and she desires that her readers will get inspired to follow suit.

Readers can purchase "OMG, I Failed the NCLEX Again! WTH!" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

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