Crosstown Solutions Makes Plans to Attend Dallas Event

Select individuals from the Crosstown Solutions team have been chosen to attend a networking conference in Dallas, Texas. The firm's President outlined the benefits of this trip and travel in general.

“Our travel program is more than just a perk; it’s a way for us to recognize achievement, reward effort, and supplement our in-house training,” stated Jarrad, President of Crosstown Solutions. “Throughout the year, we invest in cross-training opportunities at other high-performing offices, rest and relaxation events in tropical resorts, and networking events like the upcoming Dallas trip.”

Many of the team members attending this trip will be enjoying the experience for the first time. Travel to the Dallas conference is a big milestone in a Crosstown Solutions associate’s career, shared Jarrad, because of all the development opportunities that exist there. Along with seminars, there will be hands-on training and the chance to share best practices with other customer acquisition professionals from all across the country.

“Another really great feature of this trip will be the awards ceremony, where people will be recognized for achieving significant milestones in their careers,” Jarrad announced. “It’s inspiring to hear about the challenges they overcame, and also to learn about the variety of backgrounds and experiences that people had when they joined our industry. It always makes us realize just how much potential exists in this field for us as well.”

Advantages That Crosstown Solutions’ Travel Program Provides

According to Jarrad, whenever people get the chance to leave home, they build such vital skills as resiliency and flexible thinking. Crosstown Solutions business trips build on that foundation with conferences that introduce team members to the latest techniques being used in the industry, along with exposure to the diverse approaches successfully employed in other markets.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that travel all by itself is a developmental tool, but the level of professional growth that occurs at a trip like the Dallas conference is unbelievable,” declared Jarrad. “Being in a novel environment like another city makes us more receptive to ideas. That’s what makes the learning opportunities so effective.”

Networking is another of the biggest advantages that travel provides, Jarrad said. Having a large contact list means access to more wisdom and knowledge than one person could ever accumulate on his or her own. It also means receiving recognition for the value each person adds to the relationships. “I’ve heard it said that you could tell how successful someone is or will be by the size of his or her network, and I think there’s a lot of truth to that,” Jarrad confirmed. “I’m proud to be part of an organization that’s so committed to helping team members be well-connected that we even spend weekends in places like Dallas.”

About Crosstown Solutions

Crosstown Solutions is a marketing and consulting leader in New York City covering every corner – uptown, downtown, and crosstown. The firm’s success is a direct result of its team. The firm’s people act quickly to research the services they represent and the audiences they plan to reach. Then they design outreach campaigns that capture interest when, where, and in ways to which people are most receptive. By staying on the leading edge of customer acquisitions, the team has earned a reputation for excellence. Dedicated leaders further guide their progress. Their values are evident in all they do. To learn more about their flexible services, go to

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