Crosstown Solutions Expands Into Orlando, Florida

Crosstown Solutions is growing rapidly to the Orlando region. The company's President discussed the plans for this new territory and announced that they will be seeking new people to join their growing team.

The President of Crosstown Solutions noted the office achievements so early in the new year, all leading up to opening new markets and expanding Crosstown Solutions’ influence. This is crunch time for our team as they have more opportunities to demonstrate their skills and prowess in customer acquisitions. The firm’s continued support for the community in the Long Island region is why they have grown to this next level.

Each new territory signals a chance for more responsibilities to be handed to our hard workers to advance within the industry. The company motto is a believer in promotions from within, which is why they are always on the cusp of their next new market opening. 

What gives Crosstown Solutions a distinct edge is our detailed data, strategy, and innovation, we produce outreach campaigns that spark interest in targeted audiences. We take the time to invest in our team. To further solidify their learning, we pair team members with experienced managers. This individualized coaching system allows associates to receive feedback and support throughout their advancement. By establishing a foundation for each person to gain skills and knowledge at his or her own pace, everyone is poised to reach their fullest potential. 

Crosstown Solutions Announces Hiring Underway in Advance of Expansion
Jarrad, the firms President explained the many benefits that the Orlando expansion creates, our team will grow to be even bigger. We are seeking candidates who gave a student mentality and who are hungry for success.

What defines an ideal applicant according to Jarrad is his or her own determination to surpass their peers and whom have defined leadership skills. The firm has a comprehensive education program, so he is confident every new associate who takes advantage of our professional development opportunities available to them has the opportunities to surpass their peers.

Cultural fit is another hiring factor that the recruitment team considers heavily. Because the firm’s executives are their greatest assets, finding people who share the same values and traits becomes mission critical. Integrity, positivity, and a non-stop quest for excellence top the list of must-have traits. 

For those candidates who do meet our expectations are invited to join Crosstown Solutions the possibilities are endless. Each person embarks on a career journey that is centered on his or her unique strengths and interests. Work alongside coaches to develop their skills and, as they master tasks, they’ll be afforded chances to move up to the next level and pass along their knowledge. Those who perform their best and reach goals are rewarded for their efforts in many ways, from promotions to trips and more.

About Crosstown Solutions: 
Crosstown Solutions is proud to serve one of the nation’s top telecom firms. We rapidly send out messaging about their fiber-optic services. Our approach quickly raises awareness about advanced television, voice, and internet solutions. In everything, we offer customer care with professionalism and integrity, which aligns our purpose with that of our partner. It’s a winning relationship for everyone. Using a flexible outreach approach, we readily meet a wide range of business requirements and personalize our methods to interact with any audience. Not only do we guarantee high acquisition rates – we act with utmost efficiency.

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