Coworking is the Backbone of Future Malls

Dying malls no more--coworking is here to rescue them all

As the team at the emerging real estate-tech company, Neoware Inc. continues to work diligently at their newly opened coworking office (replacing a vacated space at The Oviedo Mall), the 16,000 square foot space across the way is being cleared out in preparation for their next major expansion.

With availability drying up quicker than anyone could have anticipated, it didn’t take long for the company to initiate plans to relocate within the mall to an old FYE store, roughly three times the space they occupy today. Current plans are to launch this flagship location in the third quarter of this year. Once finished, this mall-based flex-space will serve as a model for future locations.

The new space will house (20) 10-foot x10-foot private offices that are available for presale now. The surrounding space offers a truly collaborative environment with over 145 work desks, connected work bars, call booths, conference rooms, a kitchen and break space. This enhancement to their already successful operation will solidify Neoware as a force to be reckoned with in the coworking industry.

In addition to the internal upgrades the company is making, the unique nature of their mall location gives Neoware Studios members many mall-specific benefits that few other coworking spaces can offer. Some of these amazing benefits include things like free valet services, back door access to over 18 different food vendors and special discounts to numerous Oviedo Mall businesses.

“Coworking is the element that re-engages the community … located in a mall, it makes the mall relevant again, and I have entertainment and fine dining for clients right outside our door," Medel said.

The team at Neoware, the Mall locals and the community, in general, are all more than excited for what’s being completed behind the scenes. Never has this much life and energy been injected into a space that many believed, in the near future, was set to disappear.

About Neoware Inc:

Neoware merges tech with real estate, offering products and services that add value to commercial real estate property while boosting the success of neighboring retailers, providing entrepreneurs valuable resources and amplifying the surrounding community’s overall growth.

Disenchanted consumers are fleeing traditional brick-and-mortar consumption for Amazon’s online convenience. Small businesses, old and new, are struggling to compete in today’s rapidly evolving landscape of technology. The disconnect between consumer and retailer has left commercial real estate owners scrambling to fill their vacated space and generate foot traffic. As empty space causes real estate value to drop, the surrounding community suffers.

Neoware solves these issues by developing technology that reconnects consumers and empowers retailers through experiential retail, building an immersible link between the digital and physical worlds. As we overlay digital experiences on top of physical environments, retailers and brands can enrich the consumer experience and drive significant product conversion.

Strategically located inside of a once-thriving retail center (The Oviedo Mall, in Oviedo, Florida), Neoware operates inside of Neoware Studios, a tech-focused coworking space that serves as the adoption catalyst and pipeline for Neoware’s software development, as well as a community-driven solution for scaling small businesses.

Source: Neoware Inc.

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