Continued Growth at the Quality Cancer Care Alliance as New Jersey Hematology Oncology Associates Joins the Network

The Addition of NJHOA's 4-Provider, 3-Location Practice Brings QCCA's Membership to 482 Oncology Practitioners in 17 Practices at 126 Locations Across the Country

The Quality Cancer Care Alliance Network (QCCAN) continues to expand its network with the excellent addition of New Jersey Hematology Oncology Associates (NJHOA) to its network of independently owned and operated practices located across the United States.

NJHOA was founded in 1996 with the overarching goal of bringing high-quality, evidence-based, compassionate care to its patients. NJHOA places a great deal of value in communication and works diligently to coordinate care between patients, their families, and their other medical providers. Educating patients on their illnesses, and working with them as a team to design individualized treatment plans that not only include the latest evidence-based treatment guidelines but are also consistent with their goals of care, is at the heart of what NJHOA offers. 

"Being part of QCCA's clinically integrated network allows us to further our ability to provide the highest-quality care to our patients. Together, we can offer better value-based care and expand our clinical trial program, enabling patients to receive high-quality, cost-effective care close to home," said Kim Loevy, Practice Administrator, NJHOA. "Exceptional care without exception is our guiding principle and we are delighted to join forces with QCCA to continue to accomplish that." 

NJHOA offers a broad range of services including inpatient/outpatient consultations, second opinions, infusion therapy, and access to ongoing clinical trials. 

Dr. Sibel Blau, MD, President and CEO of QCCA Network and IQ Oncology, shares "NJHOA comprehensive care, integrity in patient care, and ever-broadening range of services reflect the hallmarks of our members. We remain focused on helping our members reduce costs and enhance health outcomes by innovating in the areas of clinical pathways, expanding the use of technology, increasing research access and operations with its own network, and sharing the wealth of information across our network of nearly 500 providers. These strong, professional collaborations allow us to implement the best of care across our network, effecting change simultaneously across the country." 

QCCAN is the only fully independent national network that brings together practices under a collaborative relationship, without acquisition or consolidation under a single tax identification structure. As such, members can continue to focus on their individual missions while being able to use the collaborative tools to utilize clinical pathways and share data for more effective and cost-efficient ways to improve the quality of the care and expand and increase access to trials under an organized research network. 

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Source: Quality Cancer Care Alliance