Conduce to Present With Strategic Sponsor Intel® on the Future of Healthcare at STRATA+HADOOP World

Presentation To Highlight Improved Decision Making and Patient Outcomes Through a Single Visual Interface that Enables Healthcare Professionals to See and Act Upon All of Their Data

​​​​​​On September 30, Conduce Inc. will join Intel in presenting a new vision for the future of decision making in health care and beyond at Strata + Hadoop, the annual gathering of data science’s most influential leaders. CEO Kevin Parent will anchor the event to demonstrate how the Conduce platform enables immense transformations in personalized medicine, patient monitoring and precision treatment options. 

Conduce pioneered its unique intuitive visual capabilities for accessing, evaluating, interpreting and acting on data and information in the critical decision-making environments in defense, intelligence, public safety and emergency response agencies. The company has  rapidly expanded its offerings into other sectors seeking to get the greatest value out of their data, including health care. The presentation will focus on key benefits Conduce offers to the health care sector to improve current patient outcomes and business performance as well as pioneer new treatment options through insights gleaned from massive data sets. 

"It's no secret that there are myriad of challenges in health care administration, from rising costs to patient management, and if any industry needs a tool like ours to empower their decision making, it's health care."

Kevin Parent, CEO

Parent hinted at some of the details of the presentation, noting how they would be addressing currently vexing issues in health care and the abundant promises of near future technological developments in medicine. “It’s no secret that there are myriad of challenges in health care administration, from rising costs to patient management, and if any industry needs a tool like ours to empower their decision making, it’s health care,” said Parent. “We are going to be demonstrating exactly how Conduce helps enable better health care decisions now and well into the future.”

Strata + Hadoop World is an annual conference where leading figures in data science and business meet. Designed as a way for business leaders to get up to speed on the latest trends in data science, the event features case studies, tutorials and presentations billed as a “walking into the future for three days.” In addition to its featured presentation in Intel’s booth 833, Conduce will offer ongoing demonstrations throughout the afternoon.

About Conduce

For all of the data the world’s organizations are creating, in all of its forms and uses, too much of it is locked away from the people who need it most. Too many decisions are being made with only partial information. Too many integration projects just don’t work. Conduce is here to change that forever. Conduce technology unifies any data from any internal or external sources in a single, intuitive visual interface – without requiring any integration. It allows your people not just to find information, but discover its significance – and act on it instantly. Conduce illuminates what was previously impenetrable. Conduce revolutionizes decision making and leadership. Conduce unlocks your data’s power, and unleashes your organization’s full potential.  Learn more at