Collaborative Precision Health Research Presented at UCSF and Stanford Research Symposiums

Dr. Owen Garrick

Bridge Clinical Research’s collaborated abstract “Engage Vietnamese, Chinese, American Indian, Latino & African Americans to Understand How Precision Health Research Can Address Health Disparities,” was presented at the 11th Annual Health Disparities Research Symposium hosted by UCSF on Friday, Oct. 13, 2017. This research project was one of ten oral presentations accepted at the symposium.

Bridge Clinical Research partnered with Stanford Precision Health for Ethnic and Racial Equity Center (SPHERE) regarding Precision Health, an NIH grant study. Precision health includes disease prevention and treatment for maintenance of health and wellness that spans the life course. It holds great potential for revolutionizing health and health care through a better understanding of the complex interplay between biological, behavioral, environmental, and social factors that contribute to health inequalities. However, Precision Health can widen disparities if socioeconomic and/or language barriers prevent people from participating in this research and benefiting from precision health approaches gained from this research (Dr. Lisa Goldman Rosas, Research Director). Therefore, this study has been created to address disparities and increase minority participation in precision health. The project involved a total of 12 focus groups of five ethnicities including Vietnamese, Chinese, Latino/Hispanic, American Indian and Alaska Native, and African-American.

Dr. Owen Garrick (pictured below) and Riccesha Hattin held two African-American community member focus groups and one provider focus group with assistance from Rhonda McClinton-Brown, Executive Director for Stanford University Office of Community Health. Dr. Garrick facilitated the discussions by asking the participants their knowledge about precision medicine, genetics and health attitudes toward genetic testing, trust in health care providers, participation in precision medicine research, and their thoughts on precision medicine being used to reduce health disparities.

“Understanding the perception and understanding of Precision Health among diverse ethnic populations is key to the successful development and implementation of Precision Health research addressing health disparities. This work could not be done without the leadership and expertise of community partners, such as Bridge Clinical Research,” said Rhonda McClinton-Brown, Executive Director for Office of Community Engagement Center for Population Health Sciences.

The notes and audio recordings were transcribed by the SPHERE core members and a general synthesis of our results were presented at the Stanford University SPHERE Mini-Symposium on Aug. 14, 2017. Dr. Garrick along with his SPHERE colleagues reported the responses from minority communities about genetics and genetic testing at the mini-symposium.

Bridge Clinical Research and other SPHERE collaborators will host community town hall meetings to present a detailed synthesis of our findings, which will be reported to the community November thru December 2017. At the meetings, we expect to receive ample feedback about our findings and in our next steps for community outreach about Precision Health.

The 11th Annual Health Disparities Research Symposium at UCSF can be viewed here:

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