Genentech and Roche Welcomes Dr. Owen Garrick to the Steering Committee on Inclusive Research

Dr. Owen Garrick, CEO Bridge Clinical Research

Dr. Owen Garrick, CEO of Bridge Clinical Research, was invited to join Genentech and Roche’s Steering Committee on Inclusive Research. 

“Genentech and Roche are committed to discovering and delivering medicines to treat patients with serious and life-threatening conditions. To continue developing breakthrough treatments for all, it is vital that to include substantive numbers of patients in its clinical trials that represent all ethnic and racial populations. Genentech and Roche have the unique opportunity to define the next era of inclusive research for today and future generations and are committed to doing so.

Genentech’s Steering Committee on Inclusive Research will be comprised of thought and industry leaders from the patient community, clinical medicine, and research, alliances, institutions, and experts in engaging diverse communities. As a member, Dr. Garrick and a small cadre of eight experts will have direct contact with senior leaders throughout Genentech and Roche to inform our near- and long-term priorities in inclusive research,” says Quita Highsmith, Head of Alliance and Advocacy Relations at Genentech.

Dr. Garrick’s expertise in increasing the percentage of ethnic minorities participating in clinical trials will match well with Genentech’s mission to shape the future of late-stage development trials at Roche and beyond. He will bring the unique combination of understanding both communities and the complexities of trial design.

“I shared Dr. Garrick’s experience, and perspective on transformation with my colleagues and they're equally as excited as I am to have you join the panel,” says Genentech Alliance and Advocacy Relations Representative.

Genentech will host their Inclusive Research Summit on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 where Dr. Garrick will join the discussion regarding inclusive clinical research and development.

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