CodeScan and PolSource Announce Partnership, Expanding 'True North' Alliance

CodeScan, an ISV partner providing end-to-end code analysis, announces partnership with PolSource, a 'global boutique' Salesforce consulting partner. Expanding its 'TruthNorth' alliance with Copado, all three companies will be hosting a webinar on DevOps July 15, 2020.

CodeScan & PolSource Announce Partnership

​​CodeScan, a Salesforce Strategic ISV Partner, announced today its new partnership with PolSource S.A. The “global boutique” Salesforce consulting partner has delivered success to a large portfolio of internationally well-known brands. 

“PolSource has been with us from the beginning. They identify the benefit of quality gates and enforcing code standards during our mutual projects. We are excited to take our partnership into the next level to help our developers develop smarter and faster,” says Lior Kuyer, CodeScan CEO.

PolSource, a Salesforce partner, is a system integrator that provides consulting services and shapes strategies for clients using the Salesforce platform. Providing continuous code quality and security, CodeScan offers end-to-end static code analysis solutions. Dedicated to the  Salesforce platform, CodeScan provides high-end solutions with 500+ security and quality rules for Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, and Metadata. With direct Salesforce integration and CI/CD Pipeline, it was inevitable that PolSource and CodeScan would join in this symbiotic partnership. 

Together, both companies can offer agile solutions to its customers so that they can move quickly while saving on major investments. Not only will Salesforce clients receive intelligent solutions for their Salesforce needs, but they will receive continuous, predictable, stable, and manageable code quality with access to repeatable deployment while maintaining low technical debt.  

“We love the team at CodeScan,” says PolSource VP of Customer Solutions Trey Roldan. “Not only do they have the largest ruleset for Salesforce - they are the best partner out there for quality and security on the Salesforce platform. We’re excited to show customers how  DevOps and CodeScan can interlock to deliver the best functionality possible.” 

With this partnership, there is an additional suite of DevOps offerings available. This includes PolSource’s pre-existing partnership with Copado, the recognized leader for Salesforce DevOps implementation. Built 100% natively on the Salesforce platform,  Copado’s release management enables faster, error-free releases with continuous integration and delivery of technologies.

As an initial offering, these three leading Salesforce partners are launching the DevOps TrueNorth Package. It is a complete Salesforce DevOps health check, which will evaluate the current situation of a company’s DevOps architecture and compare it to industry best practices. Guided by PolSource using CodeScan Static Code Analysis Technology, it's the ideal package for any company looking to reduce current technical debt and avoid new technical debt in the future. For more information, click here.

Click here to learn more about PolSource + CodeScan take on DevOps.

About CodeScan

CodeScan empowers Salesforce dev teams at all levels with coding tools that help them develop faster, better, cleaner, and more efficiently. CodeScan is the leading end-to-end static code analysis solution, with the largest ruleset (350+) in the Salesforce ecosystem. Located in San Diego, California, CodeScan is a Salesforce Strategic ISV partner with the largest Salesforce ruleset, and a 4.9 rating on the Salesforce AppExchange.

About PolSource

PolSource is a Salesforce Platinum Partner with hundreds of experienced, certified Salesforce experts. We provide proven results with consulting, delivery, and success teams throughout the Americas, UK&I, Benelux, and Nordics. Our industry-specific accelerators deliver rapid transformation, and measurable outcomes across retail and consumer goods, manufacturing, automotive, and technology companies, to name a few.

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