CodeScan and Flosum, Empowering Developers Together

CodeScan, an ISV partner offering end-to-end code analysis, announces new partnership with release management software company Flosum.

CodeScan & Flosum Partner Up!

CodeScan, a Salesforce Strategic ISV Partner, announced their new partnership with Flosum today. Flosum, a complete Enterprise Continuous Integration Delivery and Release Management Solution, offers cloud solutions and modern development applications for the Salesforce platform.

"CodeScan and Flosum exist to service the same target market, with the same primary goal, to empower developers with our technology, allowing them to write and deploy better code," says Nitay Gold, COO of CodeScan. "This integration marks a milestone in our mission to offer seamless integrations with complimentary DevOps solutions, for our existing and future customers."

Providing continuous code quality and security, CodeScan offers end-to-end static code analysis solutions exclusively for the Salesforce platform. CodeScan provides high-end solutions with 500+ security and quality rules for Apex, Visualforce, Lightning and Metadata, with direct Salesforce integration and CI/CD Pipelines. Through continuous inspection of code quality, CodeScan offers DevOps teams the security of developing faster, cleaner, better code.

"Flosum has always been committed to adding more value to our customers. The existing integration is an essential feature in our platform. By having the integration to CodeScan, we can offer solutions across the entire DevOps process on our application," says Girish Jashnani, Founder of Flosum.

​Flosum's version control and release management solution was purpose-built for Salesforce, enabling any organization to be up and running quickly. As a native Salesforce application, it allows for easy set up without complex scripting and configuration. Flosum increases release velocity and quality, keeps orgs synced, and offers full compliance, governance and full visibility into the development process.

This partnership brings together integral services in the Salesforce DevOps ecosystem. Together, with Flosum's release management solution and CodeScan's automated code review and standardization, customers will be able to receive an elevated level of services on projects that live within the Salesforce environment.

About CodeScan
CodeScan empowers Salesforce DevOps teams at all levels with coding tools by applying code standardization in order to help teams develop faster, better, cleaner code. Providing continuous code inspection, CodeScan is the leading end-to-end static code analysis solution in the Salesforce ecosystem. As an official Salesforce Strategic ISV partner, CodeScan is compatible with Salesforce languages and metadata, has the largest Salesforce ruleset(500+), has more than 21B line checks, and has a 4.9 rating on Salesforce AppExchange.

About Flosum
Flosum is the only 100% Native Release Management Solution for Salesforce and the recommended solution for Salesforce employees, system integrators as well as its current customers. Flosum enables customers to increase development team productivity, accelerate release velocity, and improve release quality while maintaining the tightest security and governance standards. Located in San Ramon, California, Flosum has 263 reviews on Salesforce AppExchange with an average rating of 5 stars. Built for scalability and performance, Flosum was developed to serve large, enterprise customers. Visit for more information.

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