Cloudwalks Has Amplified Its Cloud Platform for Better Add-on Integration and Superior QuickBooks Experience

Cloudwalks, the most popular and reliable QuickBooks cloud hosting provider has now amplified its cloud platform for better add-on integration and superior QuickBooks experience.

With the arrival of the new year, Cloudwalks has now made certain changes in its cloud platform which will not only allow its users to have a better add-on integration of 70+ add-ons but it will also allow them to have a superior QuickBooks experience. These modifications in the cloud platform were announced last week by Cecile Martin, CTO of Cloudwalks.

With the arrival of the new year, Cloudwalks has now made certain changes in its cloud platform which will not only allow its users to have a better add-on integration of 70+ add-ons but it will also allow them to have a superior QuickBooks experience.

Cecile Martin, CTO of Cloudwalks

In a statement, CTO of Cloudwalks Cecile Martin explained, “QuickBooks hosting has now become a new normal for most of the business and this has been made possible because of the robust accounting software and its easy bundling with the cloud. The most popular accounting software is used mostly by SMEs, accountants, CPAs, and bookkeepers. And by keeping their need and demand in mind, we have now amplified our cloud platform, so that our users can have better add-on integration and can have superior QuickBooks experience.”

He further added “The integration of add-on with the cloud-hosted QuickBooks is very much useful for users who want to customize the software according to their need or who want to increase the potential of the software by a mile and that’s why better add-on integration is necessary on the cloud platform. Whereas taking into consideration the cloud experience of users, we have made certain modifications in our cloud platform which will enhance the experience of cloud accounting for our users.”

Cloudwalks is one of the most renowned names in the third-party provider of cloud-based accounting solutions and they have been delivering excellent service to their client located all over the globe. They offer a wide range of cloud-based hosting services like QuickBooks Premium Hosting, QuickBooks Pro cloud hosting, and other accounting software hosting solutions.

Choosing a cloud hosting provider is a vital step for any firm as it decides that whether the step toward shifting to the cloud will turn fruitful or not. But if you choose Cloudwalks as your hosting partner, then you get all the benefits of cloud accounting at the most economical price and in the most secure environment.  

The list of cloud hosting services provided by the company is perfectly suitable for SMEs, accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs. They also offer software upgrades at no extra cost and the unique thing about their hosting package is that they offer MS office and MS excel at free of cost.

In addition to the cloud accounting solutions like QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, they offer a wide range of hosting services for tax software as well. Their list of tax software hosting includes some of the most popular software like ATX, ProSeries, Drake etc.

The security and reliability provided by the company are one of the best in the industry and the 99.9% uptime allows them to offer the most reliable cloud hosting environment. Talking about the security of the data and applications, the ultra-secure SAS70 certified data centers of the company is accompanied by round the clock monitoring on both physical and virtual level.

There is also seven days free trial provided by the company so that you can try before you buy. So you can first test the hosting solution for your company and if you find it suitable then you can sign up for the full package. Under the free trial option, the user gets the option to choose from the various editions of QuickBooks ranging from 2008 to 2017. To start the free trial, they only need to enter some personal details like name, email id, phone number, number of users, etc.

There is also a special offer provided by the company in which if someone migrates from an existing hosting provider then the migration from the existing service provider is done for free and they only need to show last two month’s invoices.

With so many benefits offered by the company and with its current upgradation in its cloud platform, Cloudwalks has emerged as the one of the best QuickBooks hosting providers in the market.

About Cloudwalks

Cloudwalks is a leading provider of the most robust cloud-based accounting services. With an industry experience of 6 years and a long list of more than 400 satisfied clients, we have set a benchmark for providing quality hosting services in our industry. Our secure data centers are based in Dallas, Texas, which is highly secured on both the virtual and physical levels. We have a team of some top talents in the industry who have mastered the art of providing round the clock technical support with quality troubleshooting. We provide cloud-based hosting services for QuickBooks, ATX, Drake, Quicken, and Lacerte.

Our long list of cloud hosting services includes QuickBooks hosting, ATX tax hosting, Drake hosting, Quicken hosting, etc. With the availability of all the versions of QB and by using the latest technology, we provide the most convenient and effective services to our client located in Asia, Australia, US and Europe. We are specialized in QuickBooks hosting but we are not Intuit Authorized commercial host. 

Benefits offered by Cloudwalks

* Data backup on a daily basis

* 24/7 free technical support

* Fast and easy launch of applications

* Zero maintenance cost

* Ultra-secure data center

* Economical pricing

* Easy downscaling and upscaling 

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About Cloudwalks Hosting, Inc.

Cloudwalks is an emerging name in the arena of cloud hosting provider. With the customized cloud, advanced infrastructure and an unmatched support team, we have achieved the ever-rising demands of CPAs and accounting firms.

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