Cloudwalk Infrastructure Upgraded to Assimilate Unparalleled QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Hosting

A glimpse on the Cloudwalk Hosting infrastructure upgrade is provided with information on the features integrated in the latest version of the highly used accounting software, QuickBooks 2018 Desktop.

Cloudwalk, the most renowned hosting service provider has apparently upgraded its infrastructure to offer the best solutions to CPAs and Accounting firms. The upgrades to the infrastructure has been done to provide optimum experience, considering the ever-rising demands of end users.

With the release of QuickBooks Desktop 2018, Cloudwalk has made all necessary updates to allow its clients to automatically upgrade to the newest versions of the hosted accounting software. The existing clients can enjoy the features being offered by the upgraded version without making any additional investment.

The CTO, Cloudwalk Hosting quoted as saying “We want our clients to enjoy every single updated feature being offered by QuickBooks 2018 Desktop; therefore, Cloudwalk infrastructure has been upgraded to assimilate all vital features. Constant research and study help our experts understand the business accounting software, hardware, network, add-ons and other specifications and upgrades are made thereafter.”

“The motive behind upgrading the infrastructure is to maintain high-end environment for updated features, so that we can offer our clients with all-new features by the end of September, when the latest general version is made available by Intuit.”

According to the resources, ‘multiple monitor support’ integrated in QuickBooks 2018 will now make it easier to work on a number of machines (accounts to three monitors). It is even easier to switch between the financial reports and this enhancement is helpful if you toggle between Cash and Accrual. The newer version assimilates keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste lines in transactions.

With Cloudwalk hosting and managed services for CPAs and business accounting firms, the clients are not required to invest in on-premises legacy infrastructure. With hosted QuickBooks 2018 desktop environment, you can easily work on-the-go and experience round the clock technical support and assistance by a highly proficient team of experts.

Cloudwalk QuickBooks hosting solutions help you derive maximum performance and productivity without investing in additional hardware, software and add-ons integration. The technical team handles all such specifications and any updates to the platform are made periodically whenever a major release is available.

Moreover, downtime is no more an issue as Cloudwalk is responsible to maintain and manage all your data and databases in state of the art Tier IV+, SASE compliant data centers. Your data is backed-up automatically on a regular basis following a strict backup schedule. Disaster recovery procedures are well implemented and managed by experts.

Undoubtedly, significant steps have been taken by Cloudwalk Hosting to offer optimum experience to its existing and new users. The infrastructure would now offer improved hosted platform and secure accounting features to CPAs and SMBs.

About Cloudwalk Hosting: Cloudwalks is an emerging name in the arena of cloud hosting and managed services provider. With customized cloud solutions and advanced infrastructure, unmatched hosting solutions are offered to meet the ever-rising demands of CPAs and accounting firms.

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Cloudwalks is an emerging name in the arena of cloud hosting provider. With the customized cloud, advanced infrastructure and an unmatched support team, we have achieved the ever-rising demands of CPAs and accounting firms.

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