CKF Vacate Cleaner Offers Handyman Services in Perth

CKF vacate cleaning

In August 2019, CKF End of Lease Cleaners will begin offering handyman services to customers in Perth who need it bundled with a cleaning job. There is always something around the house or office that needs attending to, and CKF Cleaning Services has expert handymen for both office and residential clients. Fix what is needed and get advice from professionals for a fraction of the cost from general contractors in Perth. CKF has experts in every home improvement field who are both insured and affordable.

100% Bond Back Cleaning Guarantee

Like many professional cleaners, CKF Perth Vacate Cleaners offers a bond back guarantee. If a customer doesn’t get the full bond back, CKF goes back to the property to resolve any issues. However, over the years, CKF finds that some customers do not get the full bond back not because of unfulfilled cleaning obligation but rather some minor handyman jobs such as tile that needs to be stripped and sealed. These minor jobs could cost the customer unreasonably because contractors often charge a real estate agent’s commercial service rate. Therefore, CKF would like to offer a solution that would guarantee the full bond back but not costing customers more than they should have paid. This Peth bond back cleaning bundle service comes with full documentation including tax receipt, insurance and police clearance to be presented to the landlord or property manager.

Business Handyman Services

Every office and commercial building needs constant maintenance. Many buildings have their own engineers, managers, and a team of service people to complete the jobs at hand. However, many smaller businesses in Perth don’t have a handyman on call for little projects that come up. CKF Cleaning Services is here to help and take away the worries of labor and insurance costs that a full-time repairman would cost. For any small or large projects, CKF will provide accurate quotes before getting started. Making sure to hire a handyman with proper insurance is essential to running a legitimate business.

Residential Handyman Services

When there are items that need repair, such as shower screen restoration or to hang some new shelves, CKF Cleaning Services is always on call to provide free consultation. CKF Residential Handyman Services in Perth has several specialists from electricians to carpenters. We promise to send the exact expert you need. Many of our handymen are trained in several fields and have experience in each. Plus, you get the advantage of a team that works together to overcome any challenge.

Source: CKF Cleaning Service Perth

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