CKF Offers Ultimate Hard Water Stain Remover

CKF Cleaning Services Perth

CKF Perth Vacate Cleaners has specialized home cleaning products for Australia customers. The first product on offer is Brite & Clean Ultimate Hard Water Stain Remover.

This commercial-graded water stain remover guarantees to remove even the toughest hard water stains from windows on homes and buildings, shower doors, porcelain tile, sinks, toilets, stainless steel, chrome bathroom fixtures, automotive and marine windshields, granite counter-tops, fiberglass shower stalls and tubs and more. It is not recommended for use on clear or high-gloss plastic surfaces, painted surfaces or marble. This powerful professional formula has no smelly fumes and is easy on the hands.

It is trusted by professionals and homeowners for daily and regular cleaning without worries. Simply sprinkle some powder onto a folded wet towel. Next, rub in circles until the surface feels smooth. Repeat with more pressure if the stains are deeply ingrained. The cost-effective and long-lasting formula in the 6 oz can with flip-top lid will out-perform and outlast any other hard water stain remover.

About The Product:

  • Trusted by professionals and homeowners for daily and regular cleaning of shower doors, windows, stainless steel, chrome, porcelain and granite surfaces without worries
  • Remove the toughest hard water stains.
  • Biodegradable formula produces no smelly or harmful fumes.
  • Works better than the leading products because it is not diluted and is a powerful concentrated hard water stain remover for the kitchen and bathroom.

Customers Who Prefer Full Cleaning Services

For customers who prefer to hire cleaners such as end-of-lease cleaning services, CKF can visit the customer's home in advance to discuss the package and provide a full quotation for a work order that includes other services, such as shower screen cleaning.

By specifying requirements before hiring, customers can save money on tasks that they can carry out by themselves. End-of-lease cleaning usually involves way more than regular home cleaning. On top of tailored cleaning packages, all cleaning works are carried out by professional cleaners with police clearance and all tasks are also fully insured.

CKF is proud of its attention to detail and offers competitive rates. CKF Cleaning Services Perth provides free consultation services for all residential or commercial customers. Whether it is a routine cleanup or part of bond back cleaning requirements, CKF can provide expert opinion and quotation service on the same day.

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