Airbnb Cleaning Services Offered in Perth

CKF End of Lease Cleaning Perth

CKF Cleaning Services Perth has started to offer Airbnb cleaning services to take care of all cleaning hassles for Airbnb hosts. CKF provides premium Airbnb cleaning services in Perth starting from $88 per clean but also offers fixed-rate or profit-sharing clean per property base on the host’s requirements. This time-saving initiative allows hosts to focus on servicing customers by skipping the non-value added dirty work.

CKF’s cleaners can undertake a cleaning service after each guest leaves. All CKF cleaners in Perth have full police clearance and insurance, giving Airbnb host total peace of mind. Most of all, CKF Cleaning Services prides itself on a high standard of work and every clean comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Even the toughest task such as shower screen cleaning will be done at perfection.

Lead Time Per Booking

CKF is staffed to support same-day bookings. However, hosts are encouraged to reserve service immediately when guests confirm reservations in order to avoid last-minute scrambling. The more lead time, the better is planned for the job. The cleaning company accommodates same day check-out/check-in for the host to maximize profit. Simply specify requirements when booking the service to ensure the guest would enjoy the best of their stay.

Restocking Supplies

Other than cleaning, CKF can accommodate restocking requirements. Hosts can simply describe where everything will be and provide any specific instructions that are unique to the property. The objective is to provide a hassle-free cleaning service so hosts do not need to attend the property for any housekeeping purpose. CKF also provides end of lease cleaning services to all residential and commercial customers in Perth.

Contact CKF Cleaning Services Perth

CKF Vacate Cleaning Perth welcomes any booking or question related to your cleaning requirements. Therefore, hosts can always book or inquire about our service whenever you need. Please submit an inquiry or call (08) 6313 5713 now for free consultation.

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