City of Paterson Partners With GovPilot's GIS Maps' New Features in a Special Tax Lien Auction

The City of Paterson, NJ is partnering with GovPilot's, a government management software provider, Geographic Information System (GIS) to support a special tax lien sale on Feb. 4, 2016.

​​The City of Paterson believed to be one of the first cities in the state to take advantage of the tax lien sale signed into law in February 2015, will be selling 90 liens for vacant and abandoned properties, allowing for the properties to be rehabilitated and put back on the tax rolls.

“Abandoned properties are destroying property values and neighborhoods,” said Paterson Mayor Jose ‘Joey’ Torres. “We’re excited for the possibilities that the new tax lien sale law presents to our City and we’re confident that GovPilot’s municipal management system and GIS platform will be a powerful tool in helping us deal with these issues.”

With our system, data, such as the tracking of potholes, will automatically be aggregated, which paints a bigger picture for the City

Michael Bonner, Founder & CEO, GovPilot

Mayor Torres asked GovPilot to create a GIS map accessible by the public to illustrate 33 bundles of properties that will be auctioned in every ward of the city. The City provided GovPilot with the vacant property data to be viewable on the public accessible map located on Paterson’s City website.

To assist with the sale, GovPilot created a new Property Market Analysis features for the public facing geographic information system. By accessing the map layer called “Special Tax Sale,” the public can now view the properties that are available-for-sale and run an Automated Valuation Model or market analysis, for each property. Users can adjust distance from subject property, date range of properties sold comparable to subject property, price per square foot, and the assessment ratio in order to determine market value.

“The new map features will make it extremely easy for interested buyers to compare properties and make smart investments,” said Michael Bonner, GovPilot Founder and CEO. “Our goal was to give Paterson the technological tools they need to target these redevelopment areas , and we’re very pleased with the results.”

Using the new GIS map, city staffers can now easily generate reports and track property statuses. The map will also allow them to visually analyze data in order to draw in new insights.

Along with the GIS maps, the city of Paterson will also deploy GovPilot’s digital forms to automate paper-based processes, allowing them to further streamline municipal workflow and increase efficiency. The City signed an agreement with GovPilot to implement 10 digital processes, including the ability for citizens to “report a concern” through digital form.

The public can go online and report concerns (like potholes, burned out street lamps, and graffiti), whichare then automatically routed to the appropriate department(s).

“With our system, data, such as the tracking of potholes, will automatically be aggregated, which paints a bigger picture for the City,” said CEO Bonner.  “”Thus providing them with the resources and tools to be more proactive in the future.”

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