Camden County, New Jersey Signs on to GovPilot's Software to Improve Automation and Constituent Engagement

When the Pope visited Camden County last September, county officials worked with emergency managers and law enforcement throughout the region to develop a sophisticated logistical plan to handle the increased traffic and crowds.

​The missing piece of the puzzle was how to disseminate that information to the public – particularly to visitors who may not be familiar with the area. Camden County concluded that geographic information system (GIS) was the answer.  Camden County partnered with GovPilot, a government management software provider, to launch the Papal Visit Interactive Map. There, the public could visually see critical information pertaining to the papal visit, including walking routes, public restroom facilities, first aid and hydration stations, and parking lots.

The GIS map was a success. Extremely easy to understand, the interactivity made it simple for users to find exactly what they were looking for and plan accordingly.

"A major advantage for Camden will be that the more departments utilize GovPilot, the more transparency our system can provide. We can fit the needs of each individual department while keeping the data all in one system."

Michael Bonner, GovPilot Founder and CEO

With the success of that project, Camden County and GovPilot are pleased to announce a continuing partnership to support the operations of other County departments. Initially, the county will be using GovPilot with the Camden County Improvement Authority to provide automation to the authority’s existing processes.

The Camden County Improvement Authority has unique capabilities relating to planning, finance development, community outreach, and construction management of affordable housing projects. Their various functions – such as site selection, construction management, financing, and acquisition facilitation – have up until this point been done through manual paper processes.

With the easy integration of GovPilot’s user-friendly GIS to all electronic processes and forms, GovPilot will assist the Improvement Authority in automating duties by:

  • Providing property-specific contact management from a centralized database.

  • Integrating property data with user-friendly GIS to provide visual insight and analysis.

  • Automate case assignment, inspection scheduling, violation recording, and more.

  • Automate notification mailings with radius search and mail merge print features.

  • Simplifying outreach, by providing public-facing GIS maps that are easy to use and understand.

“We can provide the County the functionality to quickly find an address through the search bar, or by selecting that parcel on the map,” says Michael Bonner, GovPilot Founder and CEO. “From the GIS application, they can manage all forms and processes related to that parcel, and get a visual look at where their data resides geographically for any report they are interested in running. It will be an incredibly powerful tool for them.”

GovPilot is fully customizable with code and ordinance specific to each municipality, which means that the Camden County Improvement Authority will be able to fully integrate the program with its own unique capabilities. The software also comes pre-loaded with assessment data that automatically populates forms, reducing human error and saving time.

Camden County plans to integrate GovPilot with two other departments besides the Improvement Authority.

“The goal is that other departments will be able to see the efficiency GovPilot can provide to the Improvement Authority, and make the shift over,” says Bonner. 

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