Cincinnati Company Now Offers More Ways to Spread Positivity With the Power of Words

key2Bme is now a certified MyIntent Online Retailer.

'Half Full' Bracelet from MyIntent Certified Online Retailer key2Bme

Hoi Polloi Trends, a business specializing in making inspiring gifts to spread happiness through its flagship brand, key2Bme, is proud to announce it has become a certified maker and online retailer of MyIntent products. Both companies aim to spread positivity and inspiration through the power of words. Key2Bme manufactures keys that have a word and symbol cast into them for clipping on a keychain, bag, or purse. MyIntent creates jewelry that includes a personal word of intention stamped onto a token.

“We started key2Bme as a way to spread happiness, kindness, and inspiration,” said key2Bme founder and CEO Tammy Nelson. “Each of our keys has a word on it that represents a source of happiness, whether that’s doing something you enjoy, making time for those you love or following your dreams.”

Similarly, according to MyIntent’s website, “The MyIntent Project is a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive action. We believe there is purpose inside each of us and we want our efforts to encourage people to share more truth and inspiration with each other.” Additionally, their website indicates, “Collaborations with organizations that share a similar ethos for intentionality and impact” are what will help MyIntent succeed.

“We believe in the power of living with intention so we are thrilled to collaborate with MyIntent as one of their certified retailers,” said Nelson. “We are always energized by people and organizations who are making a difference and spreading happiness. Our many repeat customers often ask if we have any other inspiring products so we’re thrilled to be able to now offer them MyIntent bracelets and necklaces in addition to our keys.”

About Hoi Polloi Trends and key2Bme: 
Hoi Polloi Trends was founded in 2011 to develop fun products with wide appeal and key2Bme is its flagship brand, launched in 2016. Based in Cincinnati, OH, the mission of key2Bme is to help spread happiness, kindness, and inspiration and to remind people that they hold the key to these things. Products can be found online and in select retailers. Visit for more information.

About MyIntent
MyIntent is an organization that makes wearable accessories and describes themselves as “a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive energy.” For more information, visit

Alisha Molloy, Operations Manager
(513) 549-5553

Hoi Polloi Trends

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key2Bme was created to help spread happiness, kindness and inspiration. Clipped on a key chain or bag, our inspiring keys will serve as a reminder to do what you enjoy, make time for those you love & follow your dreams!

Alisha Molloy
Operations Manager, key2Bme
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