China's Jiebao Group Launches a Brand-New Product Series - Ronyme Art Mask

Jiebao Group, China's largest mask manufacturer, launched a brand-new product series, Ronyme Art Mask.


Recently, Jiebao Group, a famous skin-care products manufacturer, Guangzhou Zetai Corporation Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture Government of Hunan Province launched a brand-new product series, Ronyme art mask. This new product series integrates excellent functions and intense oriental art style by taking advantage of rich natural organic plant sources in Western Hunan and China’s unique oriental culture elements. As declared by the company, this series will be developed into an oriental work of art.

In recent years, many reputed brands have consecutively launched healthier and more natural skin care products. As one of the earliest and largest mask manufacturers in China, the Jiebao Group has always been focusing on R&D and the production of natural skincare products. It has 18 invention patents for the production of masks. In order to produce the most natural skincare product, the enterprise has set its production base in Western Hunan, which is famously known as the place of origin for natural plant-based skincare ingredients. The Ronyme art mask is the first mask product launched this new location, which contains excellent skincare elements extracted from Western Hunan, such as Kiwi, Tricholoma matsutake, Centella Asiatica, camellia and Glycyrrhiza glabra. The Jiebao Group occupies two-thirds of the Chinese non-woven fabric market. It has served over 1,800 Chinese domestic skincare brands, providing materials and mask OEM service for more than 80 percent of famous brands. As the Ronyme art mask is the result of an emphasis on oriental wisdom and creativity with regards to one's skincare routine, the Jiebao Group hopes to be trendsetters in the field of Chinese skincare.

As one of the four ancient civilizations, China has a profound culture to be excavated and developed. With the application of Chinese culture in the field of skincare, the oriental culture will become a powerful force for promoting the rise of Chinese skincare brands.

About Jiebao Group:

With eight factories and six companies, the Jiebao Group is the earliest and largest mask manufacturer and material supplier in China. Its products have been sold to more than ten countries and regions, such as the Chinese mainland, America, Japan, Malaysia, and Europe. Ronyme is one of its six featured private brands that have natural and healthy skincare concept.

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