Chico McRooster to Honor Year of the Pig at 2019 Golden Dragon Parade

Live Beautiful Show Rooster to ride his fancy cart in Chinatown Feb. 9, 2019

Chico McRooster and ChaCho celebrate Year of the Pig

Feb. 9, 2019 (from 1 to 3 p.m.) in Chinatown is a date not to miss. The yearly Chinese New Year is celebrated with the Golden Dragon Parade. Giant colorful, fun, scary and awesome Dragons and Lions perform on the streets to the sounds of drums. Marching bands, dancing ladies, celebrities and many other festivities punctuate this gala time.

This event celebrates The Year of the Pig. ChaCho McRooster is honored this year to represent Chico McRooster on this important day. Chico left us in 2017 and is being followed by a gorgeous endangered species Spanish Mediterranean Rooster who loves exciting events and connects with many visitors. So come on down and enjoy the fun. Get a family photo with ChaCho or a selfie. Check out our Facebook page, Chico McRooster, to see others who have connected with these gentleman roosters. ChaCho will be wearing his pink or purple Golden Dragon Apron, specially designed and tailored for him and the Year of the Pig. He will be riding in his uniquely decorated canopy topped cart. ChaCho poses for pictures and loves every minute associating with humans.

How to get there: Take the METRO to Union Station. Transfer to the GOLD LINE and get off at the CHINATOWN Station. Or just walk North from Union Station to Broadway or Hill & view the parade from there. It’s FREE for all walking friends. The Parade first heads Northeast on Hill, right onto Bernard then Southwest down Broadway to almost the start point.

About Chico McRooster & ChaCho: Chico was rescued as a baby chick from 5 hours of laying in the gutter of the alley. When picked up, he was found to be barely alive with his little song of “peep-peep-peep.” After being nursed back to health, he was with us for 4-1/2 beautiful and enjoyable years. He now guides us from the other side, as ChaCho takes over his all-important earthly duties of showing the world the positive side of Roostership.


Source: Chico McRooster