Chairman's Reserve Brings the Heritage of St. Lucian Rum With Fresh New Look

 The gold standard for St. Lucian rum is this year’s comeback story with a stylish twist. St. Lucia Distillers will unveil new packaging for its flagship export rum brand, Chairman’s Reserve, which has been timed perfectly with the scheduled re-launch of the brand in the United States on July 1st. Reminiscent of its old-world pedigree, the new label supports the premium aesthetic of the brand, catapulting St. Lucia style rum into the global premium spirits spotlight.

From when the brand was first established, Chairman’s Reserve has solidified itself as one of the best rums in the world. A unique blend of aged rums from pot and column stills, Chairman’s Reserve represents what it means to St. Lucians to enjoy a finer life. “The juice in the bottle speaks for itself,” explains Benjamin Jones, director of North America for the brand. “Chairman’s Reserve has always been recognized amongst the finest rums in the world, and now with an elegant refreshed look, Chairman’s Reserve will return the spotlight to St. Lucia as an island with a rich and an original legacy for producing world-class rum”.

To create this new packaging, Chairman’s contracted the services of an international design agency, highly regarded for their work with other prestigious brands including Grey Goose and Remy Martin. In addition to having successfully given Chairman’s Reserve the exceptional look that it deserves, the new labels are still recognizable by the current Chairman’s Reserve’s rum enthusiast community.

Chairman’s Reserve will no longer be understated. The distinctive taste of this symbolic St. Lucian rum is reflected in the design elements of the new label. The bold new look signals Chairman’s Reserve's return as the finest English-style rum on the world stage. The brand embodies the true essence of St. Lucia and allows Chairman’s Reserve to compete more effectively at the international level in the premium rum category as well as against all premium aged spirits. With this mentality, St. Lucia Distillers will re-release the brand “1931” as a limited reserve expression in the Chairman’s portfolio. Now to be known as “Chairman’s Reserve 1931”, this rare aged rum will round off the new, polished portfolio of Chairman’s Reserve. 

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