Rhum J.M Celebrates Earth Day With U.S. Launch of Terroir Volcanique

Rhum J.M Terroir Volcanique

Rhum J.M, makers of Rhum Agricole since 1845 and considered one of the finest, most iconic rums on the French island of Martinique, is proud to announce the U.S. launch of Rhum J.M Terroir Volcanique in advance of Earth Day. An homage to the distillery's micro-climatic tropical milieu and breezy volcanic sugarcane fields, Terroir Volcanique (SRP $42.99) is a blend of rums of at least three years, aged in new American oak barrels with two unique custom heavy toasts charred in the distillery's own small cooperage. The deep alligator char delivers rich flavors and a smoky, peat-like aroma, perfectly capturing the terroir of the volcano. The new expression will be available in select markets and nationwide through the brand's website, https://www.rhumjmusa.com/.

"At Rhum J.M, we like to play with the char levels of barrels, allowing us to develop specific aromas," says Karine Lassalle, the distillery's expert blender. "We are fortunate to have our own cooperage, so we can experiment on a daily basis with time under toast." Some of the barrels used in the double-char process are heavily toasted to extract notes of vanilla, honey, and elements of BBQ hardwoods, while other barrel extractions emit flavors of flambéed tropical fruits and a hint of nutmeg.

While Terroir Volcanique celebrates the land that it came from this Earth Day, last year on Earth Day 2022, Rhum J.M announced their life-long commitment to sustainable production under the name EDDEN Project (Engagés pour le Développement Durable de nos Écosystèmes et de notre Nature). Since the distillery underwent major renovations, each upgrade to its production processes preserves and protects the local environment and its beloved brand for future generations by cultivating Martinique's fertile soil, producing in a circular economy to minimize impact, and promoting career development.

"We produce rum which demands excellence, yet our idea of excellence vastly surpasses that of taste alone," says Emmanuel Becheau, Managing Director, Rhum J.M. "The enthusiasts and supporters of our rhum can be certain that behind each bottle there are passionate women and men committed to crafting our spirits within this circular economy: EDDEN. We wish to share what we have been learning and the high regards we hold for our local environment, our people, and social responsibility."

About Rhum J.M

Established in 1845 by Jean-Marie Martin, Rhum J.M, for two centuries, has displayed raw talent and artisanship through its portfolio of Rhum Agricole. Known for being the freshest and most sustainable rum on the island, Rhum J.M is made from sugarcane grown in direct proximity to the distillery. From the breezy volcanic sugarcane fields to the humid, salty aging environment to the estate's mineral spring water used in the rhum, it is the place where Rhum J.M is made that is the signature of its quality. Visit https://www.rhumjmusa.com/ to learn more.

Source: Rhum J.M


Spiribam’s mission to bring the finest Caribbean rum to American shores dates back to 2005 when Rhum Clément was first introduced in the United States. The role of the company quickly evolved into an educational one focused on the advancement of Rhum Agricole from Martinique, and soon Spiribam introduced Rhum J.M to further support their endeavors. The company’s mission evolved into being a cabinet for premium rums and seeking out a variety of styles of premium rum of different origins. Eventually St. Lucia Distillers joined the portfolio, beginning with the re-launch of Chairman's Reserve followed by the introduction of Bounty Rum and Admiral Rodney. Soon after, Spiribam acquired Mauritius brands Arcane and Beach House, which are not yet available in North America. In 2021, Spiribam added Joseph Cartron Liqueurs from Burgundy, France, to the portfolio. Visit Spiribam at https://www.spiribam.com/ and follow at @spiribam.


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