Rhum Clément Introduces New Liqueur, Bana Canne

Bana Canne joins Créole Shrubb and Mahina Coco in new bottles to form the Clément Liqueur Collection

Rhum Clément Introduces New Liqueur, Bana Canne

Rhum Clément, renowned for its range of Rhum Agricole from Martinique, proudly unveil its newest liqueur, Bana Canne, joining the iconic Créole Shrubb and exquisite Mahina Coco to form the Clément Liqueur Collection. Bana Canne (SRP $34.99/700 ml) celebrates Martinique's two main agricultural trades - sugarcane and bananas - which are grown together on the estate and the crops are rotated to refresh essential nutrients in the soil. It is now available for purchase nationwide at https://spiribam.com/clement-rhum-shop

"While at Habitation Clément, a group of U.S. bartenders observed both the sugarcane and banana harvests and learned firsthand the challenges of the two industries," explains Benjamin Jones, Director, Spiribam America. "During the quality control process, approximately 20% of the banana harvest is rejected and destined to compost or to local pig farms. Light bulbs popped over the heads of these bartenders, which eventually led to the development of a product that utilizes the island's two principal agricultural activities and reduces organic waste from banana production."

Bana Canne: Hyper Local Meets Innovative Collaboration

Crafted from bananas from Habitation Clément, Bana Canne is a collaboration with Kadalys, a Black woman-owned skincare brand championing sustainability and biochemistry. This partnership between Clément and Kadalys, founded by entrepreneur and Martinique native Shirley Billot, reinforces how diverse teams can create spectacular results. After over two years of collaboration and nearly fifty trials, the Clément-Kadalys teams developed the eco-extraction technique which led to the Bana Canne recipe. 

“It's been an exhilarating journey collaborating with Clément," says Shirley. "Capturing the rich, nuanced banana flavors present in Bana Canne was a challenging and intricate task. I'm proud to have played such an important role in bringing this beautiful liqueur to life.”

Créole Shrubb and Mahina Coco: A Modern Look

The Créole Shrubb and Mahina Coco that round out the Clément trilogy now sport redesigned packaging. Créole Shrubb is a traditional Martinican liqueur that is a favorite among U.S. bartenders, a blend of Clément aged and unaged Rhum Agricole with natural orange peels, pulp, and créole spices. Mahina Coco is a bright and refreshing rhum-based liqueur, a vibrant natural alternative to conventional coconut liqueurs.

"After tireless efforts to create Bana Canne, we wanted to create a bottle that evoked the passion and natural ingredients," says Audrey Bruisson, Marketing Director, Rhum Clément. "Now that there are three liqueurs, we decided they should be dressed in a similar sophisticated fashion, and created the Clément Liqueur Collection."


Founded in 1887, Clément is one of Martinique's iconic brands. Located in Le François, on the Atlantic coast of Martinique, Clément produces aged and unaged Rhum Agricole, as well as a range of rhum-based liqueurs. Habitation Clément has six aging cellars housing over 12,000 barrels of particular types, origins, and sizes. This enables cellar master Julien Thimon and his team to craft characterful aged rums with flavorful oak character, reflecting Clément's distinctive aromatic profile.


KADALYS is the first organic and eco-conscious bio-tech brand that upcycles banana agri-waste into patented and clinically proven active ingredients. Established in 2011, Kadalys leverages a deep understanding of biochemistry, eco-extraction, and sustainability to create and monetize banana agri-waste. In 2012, Kadalys launched its first line of products KADALYS, an eco-conscious skincare line clinically proven to rejuvenate skin.

Source: Spiribam USA


Spiribam’s mission to bring the finest Caribbean rum to American shores dates back to 2005 when Rhum Clément was first introduced in the United States. The role of the company quickly evolved into an educational one focused on the advancement of Rhum Agricole from Martinique, and soon Spiribam introduced Rhum J.M to further support their endeavors. The company’s mission evolved into being a cabinet for premium rums and seeking out a variety of styles of premium rum of different origins. Eventually St. Lucia Distillers joined the portfolio, beginning with the re-launch of Chairman's Reserve followed by the introduction of Bounty Rum and Admiral Rodney. Soon after, Spiribam acquired Mauritius brands Arcane and Beach House, which are not yet available in North America. In 2021, Spiribam added Joseph Cartron Liqueurs from Burgundy, France, to the portfolio. Visit Spiribam at https://www.spiribam.com/ and follow at @spiribam.


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