ChainBLX: The News and Business Plan Website Which Pays Readers to Find Fake News and Scams

The Bounty-Driven, White Paper and News Accreditation Service Beta site, launched last week in Davos, Switzerland. As ChainBLX functions as an accreditation service by the community, ChainBLX is not above the rules. Therefore, the launch of its service starts with accrediting ChainBLX itself. Therefore, anyone finding lies, or misleading info will be able to collect various amounts of bounty up to $2,625 per claim. Multiple claims are possible.

For people seeking information about how it functions, here is a video link (functionality only is described half-way into the video):

Other press releases and business plans which are in the accreditation process can be found at At the time of this press release, the following items are under professional accreditation and possess a bounty which may be collected.

•    ChainBLX_ Davos Decisive Action Against Fake News, ICO and ITO Scams

•    ChainBLX_ digital.davos, Brave New World or Virtual New World?

•    ChainBLX Business Plan Overview

Professional accreditation notice: The above press release is under provisional accreditation status with ChainBLX. A full bounty has been posted to compensate for any person finding factual errors or misleading information. The accreditation number is 117. Please visit to verify, discuss or issue any claims for bounty against this press release.

Press Contact:
Tel 310 990 0001

Source: ChainBLX