CHAINBLX: COVID-19 Wellness Test-Simple, Uncomplicated Solutions for Now and Future

Everyone needs to do their part to help fight the current pandemic. ChainBLX is rolling out several projects which help companies.

A link to the ChainBLX COVID-19 wellness test: Everyone can do the minimum by strictly following all local and government advice and regulations, but one should not stop there.

Obviously, people have to leave their homes sometimes. By merely checking body temperature and staying at home if they demonstrate certain conditions, they will protect others from becoming infected. One should remember, even if one is not a high-risk individual, someone they infect might be.

By asking employers that their employees complete a wellness test online, prior to coming to work, enterprises can safeguard other employees and clients. This combines with following regulations, which vary from place to place. It will help everyone to fight this pandemic.

If one complies with this test, they can prepare a printout and display it on the dashboard of the car and/or pin or tape it to their clothing while out of their home. Alternatively, the wellness test results can be saved to one’s phone and the results can be presented before entering a public place if requested.

A simple test measuring one’s own temperature will help to reduce the amount of people with asymptomatic cases from spreading the disease. Making such a test a habit will reinforce people to measure their body temperature and reconsider leaving the home when they have symptoms or an elevated body temperature, which would risk other people’s lives. The test does not collect data and gives everyone anonymity.

The only data collection would be done voluntarily in a second step and only if one agrees by filling out a form and submitting it if they are symptomatic. But also in this case, anonymity will be ensured. The second form, which pops up when you have flu-like symptoms or fever, is an additional survey about one’s health condition. Such data would only be saved in a database, without personal identifying data. It requests country and zip code, as well as some questions about the symptoms. Such data collected will be provided for free and to anyone requesting such data to assist in fighting the pandemic.

Everyone is aware that many projects, involving cell phone applications and contact tracing are being worked on, but those are prolonged discussions concerning invasion of privacy and risk-benefit analysis. In short, they are not ready yet.  

- Self-evaluation reinforces behavioral changes and people will actually be more likely to take their temperature than not.

- Self-evaluation reinforces thinking and reflecting on someone’s actions. A person taking this test and failing it is significantly more likely to stay home than someone not taking the test.

- The voluntary submission of data will help institutions in the fight against the virus.

- The guarantee of anonymity will help that more people will voluntarily do so.

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