ChainBLX: Davos Decisive Action Against Fake News, ICO and ITO Scams

Bounty-Driven White Paper and News Accreditation and Mediation Service Launched Last Week in Davos (Beta Test)

digital.davos 2019, curated by Karl Seelig (founder and CEO ChainBLX) just finished a very exciting week with famous, top-notch guest speakers and panelists. Those speaking included names like Tim Draper (venture capital investor), Wladimir Klitschko, Mike Butcher (Editor At Large at TechCrunch), Gaston Browne (Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda) as well as Congressman Jason Hsu (Taiwan), who is pushing blockchain friendly regulations), just to name a few, prior to pushing his own agenda. Karl Seelig announced the launch of a bounty-driven white paper and news accreditation and mediation service at the end of last week’s conference in Davos.  

Several panel and roundtable discussions, which included Karl, guided to this moment. Starting Tuesday morning with a panel about legislature landscape of ICOs ITOs and STOs, which included Congressman Jason Hsu (Taiwan) and Henri Arslanian (PwC FinTech & Crypto Leader, Asia), where both of them suggested the need for a self-regulatory entity. This was followed by a panel concerning fake news distributed over social media where it was emphasized that it becomes more and more necessary to involve a crowdsourcing methodology to fight fake news. Later this week, Aaron Stanley (Consensus + Live Journalism Editor at CoinDesk) spoke in a fire chat with Karl about the dilemma in which reporters find themselves today. Reporters don’t have enough time and technical knowledge to verify certain facts and need to rely on others to do so. Aaron also criticized the pressure that other publications' reporters face sometimes regarding their need to report in a way to attract readership rather than to do quality reporting.

Karl finally held his speech right after Mr. Draper at digital.davos, where he announced the launch of a bounty-driven self-accreditation, awaking the interest of many participants at digital.davos 2019.

ChainBLX literally put its money where its mouth is. They did not only argue for the importance of such an entity and confirm their view with peers in many panel discussions and roundtables this year in Davos (prior to announcing the beta launch of, but they even went the extra mile and subjected themselves to the bounty-driven independent accreditation through the community - basically becoming the “eve case” to get the ball rolling.

The bounty-driven accreditation model is for the benefit of many. It opens income sources to experts and educates many people. It will help to fight scams and fake news. 

About ChainBLX's mission is “to create an efficient decentralized market from and by the blockchain community through self-regulation rather than being regulated by a third party. To achieve our goal, we follow not only the spirit of decentralization but also the example given by other self-regulatory entities like accreditation entities for higher education and the state bars in the United States. We offer in certain jurisdictions, mediation and binding mediation services to further advance the efficiency, fairness and freedom of a decentralized blockchain market. We work with governments, together finding solutions and advocating for our industries and consumers.”

About digital.davos

digital.davos 2019 was recently founded by Doug Stromback who asked Karl Seelig, founder of ChainBLX, to curate the 2019 program in Davos. He also partnered with Karl in ChainBLX to establish a bounty-based, self-accreditation service for white paper, news and press releases to safeguard the blockchain community, which was announced by Karl officially on Jan. 25, 2019.

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