Catalyst Management Team Brings Fresh Ideas From Conference

Four members of the Catalyst Management team recently returned from a leadership conference. As managers reported, these individuals look forward to sharing and applying the knowledge and insights they gained.

“This conference offered all sorts of valuable information that is pertinent to our mission here at Catalyst Management,” stated Amanie, the firm’s President. “This was an opportunity well worth the investment for both our company and the professionals who attended.”

As Amanie noted, the Catalyst Management associates who attended have shown outstanding leadership. “One of the focal points of this conference is to help individuals develop confidence in their managerial skills,” she said. “They learn how to train and coach others so that everyone on the team is capable of hitting their goals. This in turn benefits everyone, since when our team succeeds, we all move forward together.”

“Our leadership philosophy is more than just being a ‘boss’,” she explained. “We want our team members who are ready for advancement to have the skills needed to be effective and inspiring leaders.”

Networking opportunities play a huge role in why Amanie supports sending team members to these functions. “Our people always meet industry leaders and others who have great experiences to share,” she said. “They’re making powerful connections.”

“We always come back with so many success stories, but this trip we came back with a success story of our own,” Amanie exclaimed. “Megan, one of our associates who attended, met with a business’ program manager. She discussed the possibility of working with them here in St. Louis and they agreed!”

Catalyst Management Experts on Marketing Tips Learned at Conference

The other part of the conference focused on developing new marketing skills. “There were a number of workshops that introduced us to the latest techniques that we should employ here at Catalyst Management,” Amanie offered. 

“Creating drive by appeal is a must,” Amanie said regarding one of the areas of focus at the conference. “We aim to attract customers in high-traffic areas and the look of our booths is a major factor. Our people are an element of the booth design. Therefore, we focus on having a lot of personality, friendly service, and strategic selling techniques to generate impulse with regard to our product offerings. This conference is a great way for our newest team members to learn and develop the critical thinking skills necessary to run a successful event.”

Overall, Amanie felt the conference was a success. “We look forward to sending more team members to conferences in the near future,” she added. “We are incredibly proud of our leaders and look forward to exposing them to more knowledge and letting them witness these awesome experiences themselves.”

About Catalyst Management Catalyst Management is an events-based promotions agency. The team is dedicated to crafting exciting events that have an impact on consumers. Its experts specialize in forging lasting connections between brands and their customers. This leads to strong conversion rates and sustainable profits. Catalyst Management’s history of success has afforded them the ability to serve a variety of industries. Their customer base ranges from small businesses to global giants. With a team of talented executives managing each aspect of the campaign, brand leaders can rest easy knowing their marketing is in solid hands. For more information, please visit their website at

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