Catalyst Management Embraces Giveback and Team Building

Philanthropy is a significant component of the Catalyst Management culture. The firm's President discussed the team's most recent giveback event, and described how such efforts strengthen the group as a whole.

“Catalyst Management recently participated in a walk to raise awareness and funding for multiple sclerosis (MS),” said the company’s President. “Giving back in this type of manner is one of the many ways we support our community and establish ourselves as leaders within it. Of course, we are continuing to set philanthropic goals for the future as well.”

The Catalyst Management team recognizes that MS is a devastating disease, and they were honored to participate in the effort to eradicate it. The charity walk in particular is a powerful, large-scale event that takes place in 550 regions across the nation. According to the firm’s President, hundreds of thousands of people take part in it every year, and have raised approximately $100 million to date. Funds are used to conduct research and provide a variety of support programs to those in need.

“We’re passionate about this cause because we realize that MS seriously impedes quality of life,” stated the company President. “It’s an unpredictable, chronic issue that impacts the central nervous system. As such, the spinal cord, brain, and optic nerves are affected. Experts believe the problem lies in the immune system, which may incorrectly attack the nervous system’s healthy tissue. It causes extreme fatigue, concentration and memory problems, loss of balance, blurred vision, numbness, and an array of other symptoms. Without a doubt, it’s a disease that deserves continued attention and action. We’ll certainly be part of that fight.”

"Beyond the concept of walking or running for a cause, there are plenty of giveback options that also promote team building,"

Catalyst Management's President


Company President Discusses the Dynamics of Team Building at Catalyst Management

Catalyst Management’s President also pointed out that volunteering does more than just support the community. It offers a great opportunity for team members to bond with one another. “Our number-one priority is supporting those around us, and growing closer is an added bonus,” she continued. “By sharing the meaningful giveback experience, we feel more inspired and better about ourselves. The sense of camaraderie soars, and morale and performance are enhanced.”

“Beyond the concept of walking or running for a cause, there are plenty of giveback options that also promote team building,” the President concluded. “For example, it isn’t very difficult to organize a food, clothing, or toy drive. There’s also the option of hosting a neighborhood clean-up initiative. When you think creatively, the possibilities are endless. With the innovative minds on my team, I can’t wait to find out what activity they decide will be our next team-building and philanthropic event!”

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