Catalyst Management Expands Into New Market

The President of Catalyst Management discussed the team's efforts to open a new market. She highlighted the associate leading the venture and how it aligns with the company's commitment to setting aggressive goals.

“After testing a number of different options, everyone at Catalyst Management is excited to announce our expansion into a new market,” stated Amanie, the firm’s President. “We’re ready to make the most of this opportunity. Jackie, who has been promoted due to her outstanding training skills, will be leading the expansion for us. I have full confidence that she will deliver great results as she leads a team of her own.”

Amanie has learned that opening a new market requires clear communication throughout a team. She remarked, “You have to adjust to different demographics when you move into a new territory. We know we need to communicate directly not only with customers but with our teammates in order to make the most of our Catalyst Management expansion.”

Jackie was chosen to lead this effort for a variety of reasons, with her ability to train others at the top of the list. The President added, “Jackie excels at bringing a friendly vibe to the corporate environment, which will be beneficial in our new market. She has a way of reaching people and helping them grow, playing a direct role in their development.” The expansion has been up and running for about two months. Amanie is looking forward to seeing how much Jackie and her team accomplish as they grow more comfortable in their surroundings.

"After testing a number of different options, everyone at Catalyst Management is excited to announce our expansion into a new market," stated Amanie, the firm's President.



Catalyst Management’s President on the Value of Setting Ambitious Goals

Amanie explained that the expansion effort reflects the Catalyst Management commitment to setting and pursuing aggressive goals. She commented, “We know we can’t afford to simply maintain the status quo. This is true even when things are going well for our company and the brands we promote. If we expect to stay on the leading edge of our competitive industry, we know we need to set the bar higher with every big project.”

Dedication to goal setting also helps team members advance their development. Amanie stated, “Our people know they can reach their career aspirations through hard work. We equip them with all the tools and ongoing training they need to thrive. We also encourage them to stretch beyond their current skill sets. This expansion is simply an outgrowth of the way we inspire our individual team members to set increasingly ambitious benchmarks.”

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Catalyst Management is an events-based promotions agency. The team is dedicated to crafting exciting events that have an impact on consumers. Its experts specialize in forging lasting connections between brands and their customers. This leads to strong conversion rates and sustainable profits. Catalyst Management’s history of success has afforded them the ability to serve a variety of industries. Their customer base ranges from small businesses to global giants. With a team of talented executives managing each aspect of the campaign, brand leaders can rest easy knowing their marketing is in solid hands. For more information, please visit their website at

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