Catalyst Management Promotes Top Performers, Gets Inspired

The leaders at Catalyst Management foster a growth culture and routinely promote high achievers. The firm's President discussed this and her main sources of inspiration.

“Here at Catalyst Management, we emphasize professional development,” stated the company’s President. “We are always happy to recognize and reward our people for their hard work and determination. Three of our top performers were recently promoted from entry-level positions to campaign management. Derek, Adrian, and Stephen all earned promotions, and they had the opportunity to travel to the Georgia market to learn from other top offices.”

Derek has displayed a strong work ethic from his first day with Catalyst Management. The President commented, “Derek is very driven and always follows through when a demanding task is put before him. He never makes excuses and asks for feedback on a regular basis, which reflects the student mentality he brings to his work. Derek is also very adept at building relationships, which will serve him well as he continues to advance in our industry.”

Adrian’s military experience, which is still ongoing, contributes to his driven and disciplined approach to business. The President explained, “Adrian is very ambitious and knowledgeable. He is a man of few words and goes about his work with great efficiency. He leads by example and we are lucky to have him on the Catalyst Management team.”

"Stephen brings a light-hearted attitude to our organization, but he is also very effective at overcoming challenges,"

Catalyst Management, Inc.'s


Every team needs a jokester, and Stephen fills that role at Catalyst Management. “Stephen brings a light-hearted attitude to our organization, but he is also very effective at overcoming challenges,” the President added. “He is creative and resilient, and I believe those attributes make him an ideal coach. I see great things in Stephen’s future with our company.”

Catalyst Management’s President Stresses the Importance of Inspiration

“I believe inspiration is the springboard for ambition and creativity,” said the president. “Here at Catalyst Management, we are always setting aggressive new goals for ourselves, and we look to our favorite sources of inspiration to guide our efforts. Right now, we are focused on increasing the number of events we run, and I know 2016 will be a banner year for our firm.”

The president and the rest of the Catalyst Management executive team like to take lessons from some of the most successful people in the world. Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch is on that list, and the president especially respects his straightforward approach to leadership. She explained, “His management style is like taking coffee black; it is a no-frills but very effective approach.”

The firm’s associates also find inspiration in the lives and careers of Michael Jordan and Mark Cuban. Catalyst Management, Inc.'s President explained, “I think they are ideal role models, because both Jordan and Cuban overcame obstacles early in their lives to reach incredible success. More than that, though, they each set even more ambitious goals for themselves once they had become rich and famous.”

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Catalyst Management is an events-based promotions agency. The team is dedicated to crafting exciting events that have an impact on consumers. Its experts specialize in forging lasting connections between brands and their customers. This leads to strong conversion rates and sustainable profits. Catalyst Management’s history of success has afforded them the ability to serve a variety of industries. Their customer base ranges from small businesses to global giants. With a team of talented executives managing each aspect of the campaign, brand leaders can rest easy knowing their marketing is in solid hands. For more information, please visit their website at

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