Capital Access Group Helps Da Vinci Marble to Secure $3.716 Million in SBA 504 Financing to Purchase Light Industrial Building at 931-933 American Street, San Carlos, CA.

"I feel so much peace, knowing we have this building. Who knows, maybe we'll buy more buildings!" - Leslie Concilla, Co-owner, Da Vinci Marble

Capital Access Group (, a commercial real estate lender specializing in U.S. Small Business Administration 504 loans for growing businesses, recently helped Da Vinci Marble to secure $3.716 million in total project financing through the SBA 504 commercial real estate loan program to purchase a 10,350-square-foot, light industrial building and a 0.3 acre lot at 931-933 American Street, San Carlos, CA.

It takes a calculated risk to make the leap from high tech to the Stone Age, but that’s exactly what Joseph and Leslie Concilla did when they started Da Vinci Marble in 2005.

“We were both in high tech. Joe was flying every week, and we both were thinking that it would be nice to do something more local,” said Leslie Concilla, Co-owner, Da Vinci Marble. “We had just finished a remodel and really enjoyed choosing the stone, and we thought it might be fun to start a business. We found a place in San Carlos to set up our showroom near an REI and Home Depot, and lots of other suppliers of home materials that were a good fit with our business.”

Today, Da Vinci Marble is known throughout the Bay Area for its wholesale offerings of natural stone slabs and plays host to a strong consumer base of designers, architects, contractors, and homeowners at their showroom on Industrial Road. Their materials are also featured in large commercial developments, including the SONY headquarters and the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.

“We are a family-owned business, and in those first few years it was just us until we hired a stone master, Nassar Al-Robalidi,” said Concilla. “With over 30 years in the business, Nassar is one of our key employees. As our buyer, he knows a lot about marble and granite, and he knows everybody in Italy and in the stone industry.”

Da Vinci expects to grow by 10-15% in 2018. This is on par with the industry standard, according to The Stone, Concrete & Clay Wholesale Report, which reported an annualized growth of 4.2% during 2012 - 2017. With 52 employees and a stronghold in downtown San Carlos with leased space across eight buildings, the Concillas began to weigh their options.

“With the volatility of the commercial rents, we really felt that we needed to buy—to secure at least some of our real estate costs,” said Concilla. “We were already renting out half of this building, and so we made an offer to the owner before it even hit the market.”

The Concillas heard about the SBA 504 program through their banker and were referred to Claudia Cohen at Capital Access Group.

“I’ve got to tell you, small business owners are so busy, they don't have a dedicated finance team looking out for creative financing,” said Concilla. “The fact that the program offered such a low down payment was crucial to us. Claudia made things very clear, helped with all of the documentation, and was accessible any time we needed her.”

“I am a huge fan of Da Vinci Marble, so it was a pleasure helping Leslie and Joe secure the capital they needed to purchase their new building,” said Claudia Cohen, SVP, Capital Access Group. “Da Vinci anticipates continued strong growth, which means they will keep hiring new employees and contributing to the local economy.”

“I feel so much peace, knowing we have this building as a safety net, and that we could fix it up and make it into our main showroom if necessary,” said Concilla. “We’re always looking at what’s next, but for now, we need to start saving more money, and then who knows, maybe we’ll buy more buildings.”

About Capital Access Group: Capital Access Group is a leading statewide Certified Development Company based in San Francisco, authorized by the U.S. Small Business Administration to provide long-term, fixed-rate financing through the SBA 504 loan program, which offers 90% financing to business owners for the purchase, renovation, or construction of commercial real estate for their growing businesses. Founded in 1981, Capital Access Group has helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses and realize their dreams of owning their buildings. Currently, the SBA 504 interest rate is 5.15%, fully amortized and fixed for 20 years. For more information, please visit


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