Cannabis Manufacturer WeedGenics Now Accepting New Potential Investors

Forget Bitcoin, Doge, and Other Crypto, Investing in the "Green Rush" Is More Than Just a Trend

WeedGenics Grow Facility

With the volatility of cryptocurrency at the mercy of fluxing from a single tweet or influencer interview, there's a surefire investment opportunity that will continue to grow thanks to one of the forerunners in the cannabis "Green Rush": WeedGenics.

As legalization expands across the United States, the cannabis industry is a tangible investment thanks to continuing expansion opportunities. With a proven track record of cultivating premium THC products for more than 10 years, both the industry and mainstream business worlds have taken note of WeedGenics. The company was even recently named "One of the 20 Innovative Companies to know in 2021" by "Global Business Leaders Magazine."

Thanks to a new 150,000-square-foot grow in Southern California, plus the original 52,000-square-foot Southern Nevada facility, WeedGenics' is the manufacturing partner of choice for premium medical marijuana products thanks to its unique extraction process. The company also oversees the selection of products and merchandise for 29 dispensaries and primarily focuses on cultivating plants to assist those living with PTSD, phantom pain, cancer, night tremors, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more.

An investment in WeedGenics will continue to grow exponentially as the company is already working towards additional facilities beyond the California and Nevada markets. For more information, visit or email

Source: WeedGenics

About WeedGenics

From flower and pre-rolls to extracts, edibles, and other high-quality creations, Integrated National Resources Inc.'s WeedGenics is an industry-leading manufacturer of myriad cannabis and THC-infused products. Thanks to expanding production facilities in Adelanto, CA, breaking ground in the medical cannabis industry in Oklahoma, plus their original Las Vegas, NV grow, WeedGenics strives to provide the best possible flower to patients and pays careful attention to selecting and cultivating premium medical cannabis. With more than a decade’s worth of professional cannabis horticulture expertise, WeedGenics produces high-turning results while ensuring efficiency and purity.

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