Cancer Care Associates of York Joins the Quality Cancer Care Alliance's National Network

QCCAN Welcomes CCAY's 12-Provider Team located in York, Pennsylvania, to Its Clinically Integrated National Network


Quality Cancer Care Alliance Network (QCCAN), the national clinically integrated network of independently owned and operated oncology practices located across the continental United States, dedicated to improving the quality of care by marshaling the most effective therapies, diagnostics, processes and research in the service of its patients, is pleased to announce the addition of Cancer Care Associates of York (CCAY), located in York, Pennsylvania, to its organization. The addition of CCAY brings QCCAN’s membership to 433 oncology practitioners at 18 practices in 109 locations across the country.

“For over 40 years, the expert and compassionate team at Cancer Care Associates of York has focused on providing convenient access to high-quality, personalized, state-of-the-art care for cancer and blood disorders for our community right here at home,” said Daniel Efiom-Ekaha, MD. “Joining a clinically integrated network allows us to work with like-minded, quality-oriented independent community oncology practices across the country to pioneer innovative, patient-oriented, value-based care while lowering healthcare costs and improving our patients’ experience. This fits so well with our mission of providing our community with innovative, comprehensive and compassionate care that respects the values and needs of each individual patient. We believe that our collaboration with QCCAN can lead to even more quality improvement and reduce overall healthcare costs for our community,” Dr. Daniel Efiom-Ekaha continued.

“As we continue to grow and strengthen our already-robust network, we are very pleased to add Cancer Care Associates of York to our membership. CCAY’s long-standing commitment to its patient community and forward-looking perspective on innovation and collaboration is an excellent fit with QCCAN’s mission and members”, stated Dr. Sibel Blau, MD, President and CEO of QCCA Network and IQ Oncology. “CCAY’s on-going success in Medicare’s value-based initiative, the Oncology Care Model, exemplifies that dedication to innovation, safety and efficiency, and reducing costs and enhancing health outcomes for its community. We look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with this team.”

QCCAN is the only fully independent national network that brings together practices under a collaborative relationship, without acquisition or consolidation under a single tax identification structure. As such, members can continue to focus on their individual missions while being able to use the collaborative to utilize clinical pathways and share data for more effective and cost-efficient ways to improve the quality of the care.

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Source: Quality Cancer Care Alliance Network