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Canadian Addiction Recovery Network implements top therapies to rid those seeking treatment of their Addictions.

Canadian Addiction Recovery Network

Canadian Addiction Recovery Network’s centers implement numerous effective therapies to help those battling addiction solve the problem. Professionals holding expertise in their field offer you services to show you the path towards a new life, one that is free from Addiction.

Canadian Addiction Recovery Network serves the Canadian people with proficient handling of various types of addiction and mental health therapies besides providing treatments to their clients. We provide a team of well qualified professionals, holding expertise in their specified areas. At Canadian Addiction Recovery Network, people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction as well as others along with various concurrent disorders are given proper treatment which is focused with effective one-on-one therapy sessions with a client’s primary therapist. Canadian Addiction Recovery Network is renowned as one of the best Drug Rehab solutions in all of Canada, which specializes in providing several treatment modalities depending upon the condition of every individual.

We at Addiction Recovery Network are Dedicated to Saving Lives.

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The main concern of Canadian Addiction Recovery Network is to provide routinely and personalized mental health therapy services as to attain remarkable improvement in the lives of numerous adolescents, young adults, adults and families as well. We at Canadian Addiction Recovery Network indulge in employing the very best professionally qualified individuals taking recovery to the height of success. We provide our clients with elite facilities and all the comforts so that he/she can recover faster along with building a confidence level all along with feeling dignified. The Canadian Addiction Recovery Network is renowned across the globe due to its world class facilities and experienced professionals. Some of the appreciable facts include:

• It is known as having addiction recovery centres with having the highest success rate.

• It is the only Rehab offering guaranteed success results. 

• Other than Canadian Addiction Recovery Network, no other drug rehab centre offers recovery treatments for Methadone addiction.

In the year 2007, the Founders of Canadian Addiction Recovery Network began to build up a model and design for an inimitable addiction treatment Center. And after 3 years of continuous day and night hard work and through research, the existence of our 2 elite addiction treatment centres came to fruition. One over a serene area of 150 acres in Rocky Mountain area Alberta the other on over 125 beautiful acres in north Muskoka Ontario. These 2 facilities were designed to provide a comfort zone and relaxing environment. The 2 centres, Rocky Mountain Retreat and Spirit of the North have indulged world class amenities of resorts providing the best treatments for every type of addictions.

It is these recovery centers indulging high class facilities as to make the patients feel at home and avail them every type of facility that they wish for such as gym, lounge, indoor pool and fishing and so on. We believe that recovery is faster if the patients comfort zone is optimal. So our main motive is to get the patients the best facilities as to attain higher recovery rates. We provide various types of treatments for addictions along with other holistic program offerings such as massage therapy, Reiki and numerous other effective services, which help to recover soon besides, also lead you to a happy successful life.

To avail more information or for any query you can contact us through email at Or you can also call us at 1-844-663-2017

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