Addiction Recovery Network Reviews the Fentanyl and Opioid Epidemic in Ontario

With this county's opioid epidemic, the most recent crisis is about to engulf Ontario.

Addiction Recovery Network

No addict is immune to the recent opioid epidemic across Canada. It's affecting men and women of all ages, races, ethnic groups, and educational levels. "There is relief and recovery at Addiction Recovery Network (ARN) centres" says Dylan M., Director at ARN.

The Opioid epidemic is now here in Ontario and we are in a state of emergency, according to a recent CBC news article. In that article it also states that his year alone, thousands of people have overdosed and many have died in the last two years across Canada. The main culprit in Canada's opioid epidemic is Fentanyl, the most deadly opioid of them all. Addiction Recovery Network has become the leader in Detoxification and Treatment with several locations across Canada. "No one is immune to this opioid epidemic. It is affecting men and women of all ages, races, ethnic groups, and educational levels and this is why Addiction Recovery Network is your number one choice for treatment in Ontario," says Dr. S. Rajakowa – Chief medical & Psych director ARN.

We are dedicated to saving every life we can and will do so while remaining unwavered.

Hank M., Director of Marketing

According to a 2016 Canadian National Survey on Drug Use:

  • Approximately 1 million people aged 12 and older were misusing pain relievers.
  • 5.2 million people aged 12 and over had misused pain relievers in their lifetime.
  • At the height of OD deaths in Canada in 2016 – BC was reporting 3-4 Fentanyl OD deaths per day.           Prescription drug abuse (mostly Fentanyl) killed more than 2450 Canadians in 2016.
  • The RCMP reports that the powerful drug Fentanyl can now be found mixed in cocaine, heroin and other drugs.

Frequent and persistent use of opioids can cause brain cells to change the way they work. The brain can be "reset" to think the drug is necessary for survival. In other words, the brain of a person dependent on opioids can cause them to feel as though they cannot live without this drug — and eventually may cause them to adopt compulsive drug-seeking behavior. At Addiction Recovery Network, this is where the focus on retraining the brain through psych counseling and therapy becomes very effective in the fight for survival in the world of addiction and to get "clean."

Dr. Rajakowa says that behavior modification is needed and that at Addiction Recovery Network we go to those lengths to achieve the desired results. He explains, "The need to satisfy cravings or avoid withdrawal can be so intense that even people who want to stop taking opioids find this difficult. Consequently, they may find themselves doing things they wouldn't ordinarily do in order to obtain more of the drug they crave. For this reason, even though opioid dependence is sometimes a medical condition but mostly a Psych condition, it is not a moral failing, it can drive behavior," and further explains, "The need for intensive therapy for concurrent disorders is the best way to achieve the highest and best success rates in Addiction Treatment for Canadians and at Addiction Recovery Network this is exactly what our whole program is based on and we provide it in the only truly One on One setting in all of Canada."

Addiction Recovery Network provides the very best in on-site medical detox at all of their centres and is considered the very best of all the addiction treatment centres in Canada. Addiction Recovery Network provides an actual medical detox clinic where their number one priority is the individual's comfort during the withdrawal process from drugs or alcohol. The ARN medical staff thrive to make any client's detox almost void of withdrawal symptoms which can be the hardest obstacle to overcome for anyone when first considering getting clean from substance abuse.

Addiction Recovery Network is fully aware of the "Stigma" associated with opioid dependency and according to Dr. Rajakowa, many of the clients they treat and help recover are those that became addicted due to the dependence on their medication first for relief of the pain they were first prescribed opiates in the first place, and then the physical and psychological dependency that comes with this addiction. This stigma is rooted in the long-held belief that drug dependence is a moral failure. Only within the last 10 to 15 years have researchers realized that drug dependence is a mental condition caused by changes in the brain and brought about by concurrent disorder. Addiction Recovery Network is a non 12-step program that is solely based on the mental health and concurrent disorders.

Overdose deaths due to Fentanyl will be the Ontario epidemic for 2017-2018 — surpassing BC in more daily OD deaths, it is predicted.

Dylan again states, "Do yourself or your loved one the service of saving a life; contact Addiction Recovery Network and make this life-saving decision for treatment now."

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Source: Addiction Recovery Network

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