Canada's Three Best Rated Award-Winning Roofing Contractors, Roofmaster Ottawa Inc., Suggests Best Roofing Material

​​A roof is an integral part of any building structure. It protects the inhabitants and the structure from possible damages. Due to the exposure to several natural hazards and severe climatic conditions, roofs tend to wear and tear. Only a few types of roofs withstand all these conditions and serve the long term.

It is imperative to choose the right material for the roof, considering the place's climate and geography. Three Best Rated® thought that a piece of expert advice on choosing the type of roof would be beneficial. A 2020 Three Best Rated® Award-winning roofing company Roofmaster Ottawa Inc. from Ottawa explains how they serve the Ottawa area with the best quality roofing.

Kershan Bulsara, one of the owners of the Roofmaster, says, "I think different roofing systems serve different purposes. Climate, geography, all play an important role in choosing the right product." He has vast experience in the roofing industry. Out of his experience, he suggests two kinds of roofing systems. "I think overall a steel roof panel roof without exposed fasteners will do best in most conditions and last the longest on a sloped roof. On a flat roof, a Modified Bituminous Membrane (MBM) would work best for the long term, as it is a multiple ply system," says Kershan. 

Kershan and his team are providing top-notch customer services through high-end roof products and materials. Roofmaster has been in business since 1981 and has been serving the residents of Ottawa in every aspect of their roofing needs and requirements.

Roofmaster Ottawa Inc. is a family-owned business. It is inherited and run by Kershan and his younger brother. They are the recipients of numerous awards and recognition in the roofing industry for their excellence.

To grow a team of roofing experts, Roofmaster company voluntarily built a training facility to train new staff to correct roofing procedures and processes. Kershan says, "This way they can learn, and practice hands-on in a safe environment. We are proud to do this for our new staff and provide updates to our current workforce, and this achievement allows us to keep at the forefront of new product installations as well as put safety first." He considers it as a part of their commitment to serve the customers with quality work.

Roofmaster is the only company in eastern Ontario that has the trust and credibility of RMG Loyalty. RMG possesses the famous Canadian Air Miles Reward miles program. Notably, Roofmaster customers can accumulate Air Miles by collaborating with them.

With all these services and achievements, it is no wonder that they are named and awarded as one of the best Roofing contractors in Ottawa, ON by Three Best Rated®.

Source: Roofmaster Ottawa Inc.


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