Cali Group to Present POP IQ Face Gateway on Stage at NRA Show

Face Gateway Platform Can Be Used To Authenticate Identity For Building Entry, Loyalty, Participation, And Payments.

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Cali Group announced today that it will demonstrate it's POP IQ platform at the NRA Show in Chicago on Monday, May 21. During a Super Session titled "The Future of Restaurants," Cali Group CEO John Miller will describe how Cali Group is investing in new technologies such as social gaming, artificial intelligence, robotics, and the internet of things. As part of the session, Mr. Miller will demonstrate Cali Group's newest innovation, a universal gateway for face and hand gesture validation. With a restaurant ordering kiosk on stage, he will show how the POP IQ software can quickly enroll new customers in the gateway and be used by existing POP IQ members for loyalty activation and payment without any cards or devices.

The POP IQ platform is being commercialized as a universal authentication gateway for the "built world" by a majority-owned subsidiary of Cali Group. The gateway is currently being used by merchants in the Los Angeles area. Once a consumer registers for POP IQ through a single channel powered by POP IQ, the consumer can use the system to authenticate himself or herself for any face-based application at any location that is powered by POP IQ. A video illustrating how the gateway works for various applications can be viewed at

“Our vision of the future is that everyday life will be dominated by the use of face to authenticate identity,” said John Miller, CEO of Cali Group, the parent company of POP IQ. “Plastic credit cards, parking lot entry permits, gym membership barcode scanners, and concert tickets will disappear, and there will be a universal platform that consumers subscribe to and merchants utilize to authenticate identity.”

The POP IQ face gateway does not rely on images for identification; rather, it works by taking a digital fingerprint of a face and matching it against digital fingerprints of registered members. POP IQ does not keep or use images of its registered members. Use of facial recognition technology for payment processing is expected to reduce identity and financial theft, increase transaction processing speed, and increase convenience for consumers by eliminating the need for physical and mobile wallets.


Cali Group is a holding company that comprises significant ownership positions in various technology companies developing software products to digitize and automate the brick and mortar world. Cali Group uses CaliBurger, a global restaurant chain that it operates as a subsidiary, to prove out the viability of new technologies for the restaurant and retail industries. For more information, visit


POP IQ is a universal gateway for face and hand gesture validation in the built world. For more information, visit

Source: Cali Group