Byxee : The New Smart Device for Cycling

On May 2015, the start-up Byxee will be ready to launch the first smart device for the active safety designed for cycling. Thanks to its intelligent algorithm Byxee identifies potholes and other possible road hazards and warns the cyclist in advance.

A news for all the cycling lovers. On May 2015 Byxee, the first smart device for the active safety of cyclists will be launched on the international crowdfunding platform

Byxee observes the road ahead the cyclist and using its intelligent algorithm it detects potholes, different levels of the tarmac, sewer cover, gratings, road’s defects, obstacles and other possible hazards a cyclist could meet. In these cases the cyclist is warned by an acustic signal. The notification signal foreruns the obstacle enough to give the cyclist the time to decide how to act to keep himself safe and the bicycle too.

The device is mounted on the handlebars. Byxee checks the road in real time (It doesn’t use a GPS system with uploaded potholes map) and it doesn’t give off any kind of ray or radiation.

The device is actually at the prototype stage. It detects obstacles up to 25 meters, it offers different sensitivity settings and the cyclist is able to choose between two different vision field (narrow and large field); by this way the device is able to adapt itself to the drive style of the cyclist and the type of road raced.

The aim of Byxee is not to substitute the cyclist attention, because it is always fundamental. Its aim is to be for the cyclist a reliable third eye on the road to safeguard cyclist’s safety and its bicycle.

For the launch of the device the start-up Byxee has choosen the crowdfunding platform because of its reliability and fame and to reach all of the bicycle lovers all over the world. Here they will have more informations about the prototype, how it works, know the specifics of the product and pre order it at a special price. The campaign will be fundamental because only with the supporters the start up will reach the industrial production of Byxee.

Byxee is a project born on 2013 from the encounter of HighTechnology and the passion for the bicycle. The team is characterized​ by a long time experience and high professional in artificial intelligence field, in which has developed digital detection algorithms used all over the world. Byxee founds its vision on the constant technological innovation with the aim to develop smart devices for cycling.