Byxee in Competition in Assiteca Crowd Startup Showcase

Byxee is protagonist of the contest among innovative startups promoted by the Italian platform of equity crowdfunding Assiteca Crowd. You can vote up to 20 December.

The Byxee startup is taking part in "Assiteca Crowd Startup Showcase - Protagonisti dell’Innovazione", the new contest opened to innovative startups promoted by the Italian equity crowdfunding platform Assiteca Crowd. Byxee was selected to present its project, the first active safety device for 2-wheel vehicles. It scans in real time the road ahead and detects in advance hazards on the path. The device has a maximum range of 25 meters and identifies fixed (potholes, bumps, gratings, manhole covers ...) and moving hazards (pedestrians, open car doors, ...). Byxee beeps when it detects a danger, alerting the driver in advance. The device has the size of a small flashlight, mountable on any handlebar, equipped with its own rechargeable battery, for 30 hours of autonomy.

You can vote up to 20 December on the Assiteca Crowd site​

The three projects most voted, along with two selected by the Technical Committee of Assiteca Crowd, will be presented to a panel of successful entrepreneurs and will take part in the final to be held in Milan in January 2016, web broadcasted live.
The winner will receive free counseling services for raising capital on the equity crowdfunding platform Assiteca Crowd, which already boasts successful campaigns as Pawlonia, with 520,000 Euros collected, and Shin Software, with 408,000 Euros.