Byxee on Display at Maker Faire Rome 2015

The Byxee start-up will present to the public the first smart active safety device for two wheels, at Maker Faire Rome (16 to 18 October), the European edition of the most important innovation show in the world.

Byxee will present its advanced vision system for bicycles and motorbikes that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to scan the road ahead and identify irregularities and possible dangers. There will be on display all the prototypes of the device which incorporate this technology, up to the commercial product, sized as a small torch, which can be mounted on any handlebar of bicycle, scooter, motorcycle.

The device has a mini-camera that scans the road, identifies possible dangers (holes, manhole covers, gratings, irregularities, markings, unexpected obstacles, open car doors, pedestrians, etc.) and alerts the driver beforehand. The device is autonomous and portable, equipped with a rechargeable battery for 30 hours of use. It doesn’t require any connection and it doesn’t use GPS or preloaded maps. Byxee scans the road ahead in real time, hundreds of time a second to detect fixed and moving hazards that maps can't have recorded.

The Maker Faire Rome is the European edition of Maker Faire, the place where inventors and passionates of all ages and backgrounds come together to present their projects and share their knowledge and discoveries. A family-friendly event full of inventions, creativity and inventiveness; a celebration of the makers’ culture and movement.
With more than 600 inventions on display in 2014 and 90,000 visitors, the Maker Faire Rome is the largest exhibition in the world after the US "Bay Area" and "New York". Organized by Asset Room, the Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, it will occupy the spaces on the campus of the University "La Sapienza", which will become for the occasion, a real "city of the future".

Byxee has responded to the Call for Makers of this important event because it has in its founder soul the thrust to the creation of innovative technologies using the makers’ logic. Test different configurations and methods, learning from mistakes, up to solutions really functional. After two years of research and development supported by own resources, the start-up is now looking for investors who have the passion and the courage to invest in this technology, which has all the credentials to become a standard for the prevention of risks, injuries, accidents and vehicles’ damage for cyclists and motorcyclists.​