Bullion Exchanges Offers You the New 2016 1 Oz. Platinum American Eagle BU Coin!

The 2016 edition of the official United States platinum bullion coin - the 1 oz. Platinum American Eagle BU Coin - was released by the US Mint on 07/25/2016. The mint is planning to make one batch of coins for the entire 2016 issue, so the coins are expected to sell out quickly.

2016 1 oz Platinum American Eagle BU front

The new outstanding 2016 1 oz. Platinum American Eagle BU Coin will be offered individually, encased in plastic flips, in tubes of 20 coins and in white boxes of 100 coins. The US Mint started accepting pre-orders for the 2016 Platinum BU American Eagles from 07/25/2016.

Important: The US Mint advised its distributors that this new 1 oz. Platinum American Eagle BU Coin will have only one production run, and it won’t produce any additional coins after the first batch of coins gets sold out. This decision is expected to have a significant impact on the demand for the coin and will make it more collectible to investors and numismatists. Also, distributors must buy at least 1,000 coins, for which they will pay a 4% premium over the platinum price.

The US Mint didn’t issue any Platinum BU American Eagles between 2009-2013 and in 2015.  Distributors already bought over 17,100 coins since their release, compared to the total of 16,900 Platinum BU American Eagles sold in 2014 - the last year the bullion coins were offered.

Order your 2016 1 oz. Platinum American Eagle Brilliant Uncirculated Coin before it gets sold out!

The Platinum American Eagle Series started in 1997. Since then, the coins have been struck in several size options and types at the Philadelphia and West Point facilities of the US Mint. The 1 oz. Platinum American Eagle BU Coin is struck of .9995 finest Platinum, preserving the original mint luster. This impressive platinum coin is legal tender and carries a denomination of $100, backed by the US Government.

The obverse design of the coin was created by John Mercanti, the US Mint Chief Sculptor-Engraver, and it’s struck on uncirculated, bullion and proof American Eagles since the debut of the coin. The image represents the modern “Portrait of Liberty” concept – the Statue of Liberty confidently looking into the future, along with the inscriptions “In God We Trust”, “Liberty”, “2016” and “E Pluribus Unum”.

Unlike the proof version of this iconic coin, the reverse design of the BU Platinum Eagles is the same each year. It showcases the majestic bald eagle with its outstretched wings soaring against the rising sun, surrounded by the engravings “United States of America”, “$100” and the weight and purity of the coin. This image was designed by Thomas D. Rodgers Sr.

Add this stunning 2016 1 oz. Platinum American Eagle BU Coin to your coin collection!

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The 2016 1 oz. Platinum American Eagle BU Coins can be shipped individually, in tubes of 20 and white boxes of 100. At Bullion Exchanges, we accept orders online at BullionExchanges.com or by phone at 800.852.6884, providing free US shipping for all orders over $75(USD). You can get this outstanding coin also by visiting our Bullion Exchanges retail store located at – 32 West 47th Street, Booth 41-46, New York, NY 10036. Our store is open Monday-Friday, from 9am-5pm EST.

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