Bullion Exchanges Brings You the New 2017 Chinese Silver Pandas

One of the most highly anticipated numismatic releases - the Chinese Silver Panda Coins - will soon be available at Bullion Exchanges. The People's Bank of China announced the release date, October, 28th (in stock in US close to mid-December), and the official coin designs of the 2017 Chinese Panda Coins - an adorable panda bear sitting down and eating a bamboo branch.

2017 Chinese Silver Panda coins

The latest 2017 Silver Panda coins - soon available at Bullion Exchanges!

Released for the first time in 1982 (Gold) and 1983 (Silver), the Chinese Panda is one of the most eagerly awaited collectibles on the bullion market. Numismatic enthusiasts are anxiously anticipating each coin issue due to their yearly changing reverse image, each year depicting a new representation of the country’s beloved panda bear (with a single exception – 2002 sharing the same design as 2001).

The People’s Bank of China announced that the silver versions of the coin series would be available as of the 28th of October. However, the coins are expected to be in stock in US close to mid-December. The bank also revealed this year’s reverse side of the coin, showcasing a single panda bear sitting down on a bamboo background. The lovely panda is eating a large bamboo branch from its hands, being another stunning representation of this beloved Chinese icon. This beautiful image also contains the coin’s denomination, weight, and purity. The 2017 design is  reminiscent of the coin’s 2015 issue, having as a concept the same elements but an opposite perspective, being referred by some sources as created by a new designer of the mint, although this information is not confirmed yet.

On the obverse side of the coin is depicted the image of the famous Hall of Prayer for Abundant Harvests of the Chinese Taoist temple – the Temple of Heaven from Beijing. This exceptional image is surrounded by the Chinese characters "中华人民共和国," which mean “People’s Republic of China” and the coin’s year of issue “2017”.

Beginning with 2016, the Chinese Mint starting issuing  Chinese Panda Coins in gram weights. The 2017 Chinese Silver Panda will continue the metric system era by being struck from 30 grams of .999 fine silver, with a limited mintage of 10,000,000 coins and a ¥10 Yuan denomination. The proof silver and gold versions of the Chinese Panda coin will be available in China as of  December 15th and will feature the same coin design. The 150-gram silver proof coin (¥50 Yuan) will have a limited mintage of just 60,000 pieces, and the 1-kilo silver proof coin (¥100 Yuan) will have an issue limit of just 20,000 coins. The 2017 Gold Pandas will be available in weights of 1 (¥10 Yuan), 3 (¥50 Yuan), 8 (¥100 Yuan), 15 (¥200 Yuan), and 30 grams (¥500 Yuan) with mintage limits of 1,000,000 (1 gr.), 800,000 (3 gr.), 600,000 (8 and 15 gr.) and 700,000 30 gr. coins. The mint will also issue four proof gold versions of 50 (¥800 Yuan), 100 (¥1500 Yuan),150 grams (¥2000 Yuan) and 1 kilo (¥10,000 Yuan) with issue limits of 20,000, 10,000, 5,000 and 500 pieces.

Aside from the 2017 30 gram Chinese Silver Pandas sold in its original mint packaging, Bullion Exchanges will also provide the Mint State 69 (MS69), Mint State 70 (MS70) and Early Releases certifications from NGC, available in the elegant Red and Retro Holders. Also, the 2017 150 gram Chinese Silver Panda Proof Coin will be offered in Proof 69 (PF69) & Proof 70 (PF70) designations from NGC.

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