Brian Evans to Record New Album After Five Years, to Produce TV Show and Movie

The month of August 2017 has been a long time coming.

Brian Evans will record a new album, his first in over 5 years

Brian Evans will record a new album in 2018, his first album in over five years.

Following the loss of his mother, Brian Evans had not been seen or heard in typical fashion. Under the radar, that didn't mean you didn't hear him singing. His music is featured on shows such as "So You Think You Can Dance" and BoJack Horseman.

The target is Netflix. Maybe Amazon Prime. We'll see.

Brian Evans, Singer/Author

But it's been August that he'd been waiting for. August 2017, to be exact.

The pilot episode of the TV series "Creature," which Evans created after recording a music video at The Bates Motel (Evans is the only singer ever to film a music video at the famed location, known for the Alfred Hitchcock thriller "Psycho," and features comedian Carrot Top for his original song by the same name) will be produced on Maui, where the singer resides.

It doesn't end there. Not by a long shot.

His novel "The Funny Robbers" will be made into a major motion picture, with Evans as the executive producer alongside Dan O'Leary and Carrot Top. Currently, Evans will begin writing "Horrorscope III," the final novel in his popular "Horroscope" trilogy.

"The consensus was that I should write the last book so that my agent could begin pitching it," laughs Evans. "Horrorscope" was a book I'd created with my mother and Andrew Biltz, and we hadn't finished it until after she passed away. The second book was also written during a difficult time, so this third book will be interesting because it's actually being written without personal drama attached," he says. "Chaos motivated these books thus far."

His last book, "Savannah," was released in 2017, co-written by Ted Hamby of Savannah, Georgia, and is also in the running to be a film, and following "Horrorscope III," Evans intends to sit back and watch his books turn into something else.

"The books have all been written to be films," says Evans. "The Funny Robbers" will be the first to be done.

Evans, whose music video "At Fenway" (featuring William Shatner, who also appears in the singers "Here You Come Again" music video), has announced that he will be recording a new album, his first in five years. "At Fenway" was added to the library of The National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2015.

The new album will be comprised mostly of original songs, though he intends to record a couple of covers as well. His next music video "I Love The Rainy Night" will film in London, England.

He has also been creating, quietly, a kitchen utensil which is patent-pending called "The Marinator," a device that marinates meats from the inside out, and is purchasing a castle in Blaye, France as he re-brands an existing wine that already has distribution. He will be partnering on the project with an entertainment friend.

"You'll love it," says Evans. "It's going to be fun to do something I know nothing about," he laughs.

The new album, which will be produced by numerous multiple Grammy Award winners, will also include Evans' next thematic song, "The Beautiful Game," as he takes on soccer. The song is co-written with Maui local Jesse Stenger.

In short, Evans is catching up for five years of lost time while he grieved his mother, Helen Bousquet. 36 United States governors have issued Sleep Apnea Proclamations following her passing, as Evans seeks all 50.

"The last five years was the most trying of my life. It was a period where I was seeing who was loyal and stuck with me through the worst of things, so that they could experience the best with me. It was a patience game, and not everybody had it. I always knew this time was coming where the things I had been working on would finally come together," says Evans. "I've had really great friends who have been supportive of my efforts and have helped me keep positive."

The TV show, which Evans will executive produce with O'Leary and comedian Carrot Top, is a modern day "Twilight Zone."

"The target is Netflix," says Evans. "Maybe Amazon Prime. We'll see."

So for Brian Evans, August was a very important month, and is the beginning of a portrait of what a late bloomer looks like.

"Brian is the hardest working person that I know. He takes on a lot but always gets it done. Anyone who knows his dedication knows that he absolutely does not quit, and finishes what he starts. Every time," says Evan LaRochelle, who will also be working on the "Creature" series.

"I won't deny it. There have been a few nervous breakdowns, but that was usually because sometimes I'm unable to get my point across to people who haven't realized how much I've been working on," says Evans. "I was lonely for a while. Loyalty is not easy to find. I keep busy and am now back to focusing on my work."

Evans has also announced that he intends to run for Congress in 2018, handing over the keys to his projects to several of his friends while he does.

That would be a full plate, in case you hadn't realized what one looked like.

Evans got his show business start on shows such as "Full House," "Beverly Hills, 90210," and as the opening act for stars such as Lou Rawls, Dionne Warwick, and Erasure.

He is currently writing an autobiography entitled "My Way."

Over 35 million people have watched his work on YouTube. His CDs are released in 15 countries, including the U.S., China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, and others. On Maui, Evans produces the popular Maui Celebrity Series, a series where also opens the show. Oscar winning actor Jeff Bridges, William Shatner, Bob Saget, Tom Arnold, and David Spade are just a few of the acts to work with Evans on the series, which is now up to 32 concerts. Evans has a knack for recording what he considers "thematic projects," such as "At Fenway" (baseball) and "Creature at The Bates Motel" (Halloween).

"They can be quiet one year, and big the next. I like doing projects that stand the test of time," Evans says of his unique music videos. "You never know what people will like. I still to this day have no idea why me singing 'Witchcraft' has over 6 million views on YouTube. You just never know."

"Brian is a machine," says friend and work partner Andrew Biltz. "You'll never find a harder worker, or a more loyal person. He had a hard time with the loss of his mother following knee surgery, but every day he gets a little better."

Brian is also in discussions about performing several shows in Las Vegas. The city named a day after him after a 377 show run at The Desert Inn, prior to it being re-branded as The Wynn.


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