BRED Agency to Offer Dental Industry Time and Money-Saving Speech Recognition Solutions With Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2

BRED to provide world-class medical speech recognition as first dental-focused corporate offering Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2.

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BRED Agency is pleased to announce they are offering the dental industry Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 of Nuance Communications Inc., the world's leading speech recognition software. Through this technology, BRED will help dental practices across the country revolutionize their office operations, allowing them to operate in a hands-free, automated environment. BRED’s consulting services will allow for a smooth transition to this new proper digital environment, creating efficiency's that will save time, increase appointments and cash flow, and create more job opportunities.

Nuance’s Dragon® Medical speech solutions, known for its world-class medical speech recognition, is already working with over 500,000 clinicians internationally. BRED now offers Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, leading the way to plan and deliver profound medical speech recognition tailored to the specific needs of the dental industry.

Jordan Fadale, Executive Vice President for BRED Agency, explained that the partnership is one more way that the organization will help dental practices achieve Digital Domination, with technology that will increase both efficiencies and patient traffic. "We are grateful to Nuance, and their whole team, for their allegiance with us focused on changing lives through the dental community,” Fadale explained. “Dragon Medical Practice Edition’s advanced technology will create an abundance of time for dental surgeons, which in return, will generate many other benefits for dentists and consumers across the country.”

Dragon Medical Practice Edition's advanced technology will create an abundance of time for dental surgeons.

Jordan Fadale

Vice President

Many in the dental industry have already experienced measurable results from the well Versed Solutions offered by BRED, as Dr. Aaron McCann DDS, an Endodontist and client of the agency, explained. “BRED is a company with unlimited potential which is exactly how I would describe my dental business since commencing a relationship with BRED,” McCann said.  

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