Brandon Frere on the Power of Existing Beyond Traditional Institutions

Forging a New Path

A new article details how major banks are utilizing the resources of fintech companies to fix or better their services. These partnerships may be a great boon to consumers who are feeling the shortcomings of even the biggest financial institutions. The phenomenon also highlights, however, the power of fintech as a movement in that it provides opportunities for exceptional financial services outside of major institutions. Brandon Frere, founder and CEO of Frere Enterprises, appreciates the power of working outside established institutions.

“As an entrepreneur, I think of myself as someone who does his best to work outside the mainstream systems that we are all caught up in, to forge a new path,” said Frere. “Fintech makes it possible to do great things with the most powerful industry in the world, finance, outside of traditional paths.”

However, some major institutions, like JPMorgan Chase, are very much in the ring with fintech companies, the article notes, acquiring them rapidly or developing themselves.

As an entrepreneur, I think of myself as someone who does his best to work outside the mainstream systems that we are all caught up in, to forge a new path.

Brandon Frere

CEO, Frere Enterprises

Still, there remains power in the independent fintech operation developing new ways to lend, invest, or provide any number of services to consumers. And fintech is not just flourishing in the United States, but its proliferation can be witnessed in China, India, the UK and many major global marketplaces.

“This is undoubtedly a global movement,” continued Frere. “But what’s beautiful is that fintech is about creating highly specialized services in order to cover the needs of all consumers. So as it grows around the globe, it remains an industry that is highly specific and highly personalized.”

About Frere Enterprises
Brandon Frere is an entrepreneur and businessman who lives in Sonoma County, California. He has designed and created multiple companies to meet the ever-demanding needs of businesses and consumers alike. His company website,, is used as a means to communicate many of the lessons, fundamentals, and information he has learned throughout his extensive business and personal endeavors, most recently in advocating on behalf of student loan borrowers nationwide.

As experienced during his own student loan repayment, Mr. Frere found out how difficult it can be to work with federally contracted student loan servicers and the repayment programs designed to help borrowers. Through those efforts, he gained an insider’s look into the repayment process and the motivations behind the inflating student loan debt bubble. His knowledge of the confusing landscape of student loan repayment became a vital theme in his future endeavors, and he now uses those experiences to help guide others through the daunting process of applying for available federal repayment and loan forgiveness programs.

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