Boundless Trading Co. Launches Mingle Markers

Just in time for the next party, Mingle Markers are non-permanent markers made for writing all over wine glasses. They are a great way to mark all over glassware and to inspire a little bit of creativity among guests.

Just in time for the summer, Boundless Trading Co is proud to introduce Mingle Markers. This premium set of six non-toxic markers is made for writing on dry glasses, ceramics and plastics. Each Mingle Marker is quality tested and adheres to all international safety standards.  These markers are perfect for writing your name on a wine glass, labeling an appetizer plate, or writing a quick note on a glass mirror.

Once home, Mingle Markers are ready to use immediately and work best on dry glass, ceramic and plastic surfaces. Since the ink is made to be easily wiped off, condensation and excessive moisture on the surface material can cause the ink to partially drip away and run down the side of the glass. For cold drinks we recommend writing on the base of the glass or on a portion of the material that may remain dry.

Although writing or coloring on a wine glass is a great way to use Mingle Markers, it isn’t the only option. Each of the six colors included in the premium pack can be used for a wide range of applications such as: labeling plastic to go containers, writing notes on a bathroom mirror, decorating a snack bowl for a movie night, or even as hand drawn labels on the plastic labels for a favorite homemade hot sauces.

Boundless Trading Co. makes amazing products for the adventurous and young at heart. Each set of Mingle Markers is backed by Boundless Trading Co.’s legendary No-Nonsense guarantee. Boundless Trading Co products are sold exclusively online through


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Boundless Trading Co makes amazing products for the adventurous and young at heart.

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