Boundless Trading Co. Announces Boundless Designer Tattoos - Temporary Tattoos Just in Time for Summer

Boundless Trading Co. announces the launch of Boundless Designer Tattoos - their signature line of Metallic Temporary Tattoos.

Just in time for outdoor concerts and beach trips, Boundless Trading Co has launched Boundless Designer Tattoos – a signature line of temporary tattoos. Each set of Boundless Designer Tattoos includes 4 sheets of shimmering temporary tattoos that are made to accessorize that favorite outfit.

This signature set of temporary tattoos include a variety of metallic gold, silver and glow-in-the-dark temporary tattoo designs. The designs are inspired by traveling, jewelry, and modern accessories and are easy to apply and are made to last. With proper care, these designs will last a minimum of 4 days under normal wear.

These temporary tattoos are great accessories in situations where you don’t want to lose or damage personal jewelry. Many customers love using them during concerts, beach days, club nights, festivals, and while traveling. The bright and vivid coloring of these temporary tattoos make them easy to style and they are guaranteed to stand out on all skin colors and on all body types.

When it’s time to remove them, Boundless Designer Tattoos are a breeze to remove. These metallic temporary tattoos can be easily removed using soap and water or natural oils such as coconut oil and a little bit of scrubbing with a towel. Each set of Boundless Designer Tattoos includes detailed application and removal instructions.

Boundless Trading Co. makes amazing products for the adventurous and young at heart. Each product that Boundless Trading Co sells is backed by their legendary No-Nonsense guarantee. Meaning, that if for whatever reason a customer is not completely in love with a product, they are entitled for a full money back. Currently, the entire Boundless Trading Co product catalog is for sale exclusively on For additional information please visit Boundless Trading Co at (


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Boundless Trading Co makes amazing products for the adventurous and young at heart.

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