Boundless Trading Co Announces New Tutorials for Dazzle Washi Tape

Boundless Trading Co. announces a new set of upcoming tutorials for their Dazzle Washi Tape customers. The step-by-step guides will help introduce customers to new Washi Tape projects and provide creative inspirations.

Dazzle Washi Tape, Boundless Trading Co.’s signature line of Washi Tape, is built for crafts and creative projects. In order to further help their customer’s create, Boundless Trading Co. has announced their plans for a tutorial schedule focused on the crafts and projects that are possible with Dazzle Washi Tape.

The first tutorial scheduled for release is a fun and detailed E-Book which will be available for free with the purchase of any Dazzle Washi Tape set. This E-Book will include 5 separate craft ideas that are both accessible and fun to make.

The crafts selected for the introductory work book are the ones loved and made by the Dazzle Washi Tape team. The crafts range from simple washi tape pencil wraps to more detailed and intricate letter designs and wall additions. Each project is accompanied with detailed instructions and helpful visual cues.

Beyond the introductory E-Book, the Dazzle Washi Tape team is currently working on a series of online videos dedicated to washi tape crafts and on creative uses for Washi Tape. The videos will touch upon and expand upon the crafts listed in the introductory E-Book and provide customers with a wide array of inspiration points.

Boundless Trading Co. makes amazing products for the adventurous and young at heart. Boundless Trading Co. believes that it is the memories and moments that we hold onto that make life special. Each Boundless Trading Co. product is designed to help make those moments a little more unique, a little more fun, and to hopefully make a smile or two.

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Boundless Trading Co makes amazing products for the adventurous and young at heart.

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