Bottlecapps Purchases SIPN Bourbon

Bottlecapps has acquired a newly formed U.S.-based software development company called SIPN.

SIPN Bourbon

SIPN Bourbon is a mobile app or website-accessible social media platform for Bourbon enthusiasts. 

SIPN is the first interface specific to the alcohol industry to combine the elements of a social media community and a three-tier compliant e-commerce module. SIPN Bourbon aims to focus on creating an environment where all Bourbon lovers can join in on rating, reviewing, displaying, sharing, and learning more about Bourbon. The entire experience is powered by a fully shop-able, e-commerce engine connected to the network of 1,000+ licensed retailers across the United States and Canada.

"It has been our vision to leverage social influence to continue to digitally transform the liquor industry. SIPN Bourbon is a brand that combines the power of social media to deliver a one-of-a-kind user experience in a centralized platform that is focused primarily on the passion for Bourbon whiskey," says Dr. Prashant Desai, Executive Chairman & CEO at Bottlecapps.

It is SIPN's plan to expand into other types of liquor in the near future (Tequila, Scotch, Craft Beer, Gin, Cognac, etc.) and to eventually transform into a consolidated platform where it will be more easy to collaborate with Bottelcapps' vast roster of Retail and Brand partners, as well as provide a system where shoppers are able to select from different options as per their preferences to receive curated content and personalized promotional offers. Access to highly allocated products is another service SIPN looks to open up to select users through a vetting process that leads to certification - not unlike receiving your blue check on Instagram or Twitter. For more information, visit: or download the app on Apple or Google Play.

About Bottlecapps:

Founded in 2011, Bottlecapps is a white-label technology solutions developer focusing primarily on e-commerce-enabled mobile apps and websites for off-premise alcohol retailers, but also maintains a complete portfolio of products and services including Digital Signage, Data Analytics, Programmatic Advertising, Marketing Services, and Social Commerce. Customized to match a store or supplier's branding, Bottlecapps' digital tools help clients Connect to Customers, Create Loyalty, and Drive Sales.

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